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The Bamiyan Buddhas and the dark forces. Who nowdays, remember the Bamiyan buddhas ? A harbinger of serious events to come, this cultural catastrophe did not particularly attract the world’s attention in March 2001.Television and the world press did speak about it but public opinion did not take notice. However, with the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, the Taliban have robbed the world of a key witness to the history of mankind. That month of March 2001 was in fact the starting point of a conflict of which we barely see the outlines.

The history

Nestledin the Bamiyan valley about 230 kilometers North-West of Kabul, Afghanistan, two monumental Buddha statues – respectively 52m and 35m in height, andlodged in two niches on the face of the mountain- toweredover the region until March 2001. Because of the beauty of these sculpted works and their history, UNESCO declared them aWorld Heritage Site. According to archaeologists these strange statues were made between the V and VI century A.D. in a mixture Greek and Buddhist art, but they were actually older than that.

Originally carved out on the sand stone cliff, they were thereafter coated with straw, mud and finally stucco in order to highlight the details of their painted clothes as well as the faceswhich certainly had to wear a mask of wood or metal. It is even said that originally the Buddhas were adorned with gold and precious jewels. All this partly disappeared with time…


Bamiyan was a major center of Buddhism until the second century, and many pilgrims of the time stopped at that very well-known site since it was located on the Silk Road between India and China. One can imagine the rich caravans of travelers and merchants passing through Bamiyan and walking away marveled at this religious center populated by monks and hermits living in caves dug in the face of the mountain across the valley.

boud_bamiyan-buddhaMany Buddha statues were visible at that time, and based on the rare, barely visible wall paintings, one can still imaginethe colorful frescoes adorning the caves and the grottos against which leaned the monumental statues. In 632, the Chinese chroniclerXuanzang reported that this center harboured a dozen monasteries which housed more than a thousand monks.

When Islam came to the region Buddhist activity was reduced and theBuddhas narrowly escaped destruction, which did not stop Genghis Khan from plundering and destroying the city of Bamiyan in 1222. Over time the Muslims began a work of destruction on these statues, the same carried out by the Mamluks on the Sphinx of Giza which lost its nose under volleys of artillery.

The cannon shots were unfortunately more devastating in Bamiyan since the faces were completely destroyed in the sixteenth century thanks to the fervently religious Mongol leader Aurangzeb who strove to deteriorate these sculptures and other precious ones in Hindu temples inVaranasi,Ayaodhyâ and Mathura in India. Once again, Humanity lost a considerable heritage. The modern period did not help much the case since after enduring such deep wounds, the region still suffered from the Russian and above all the Taliban’s occupation.

A legacy of the antediluvian humanity

What did these statues really represent? The Buddhist Initiates who lived in Bamiyanat the beginning of our era certainly knew the significance of these stone-carved figures. The Hermetic Teachings claim that these Buddhaswere mirror images of beings living in other, very ancient cycles of humanity, dating back millions of years. Moreover, Helena P. Blavatsky, according to information received from the Adepts spoke in these terms:

But the five statues are the handiwork of the Initiates of the Fourth Race (Atlantis), whosought refuge,after the submersion of their continent, in the fastnesses and on the summits of the central Asian mountain chains. Moreover,these five statues are an imperishable record of the esoteric teaching about the gradual evolution of the races.(H.P Blavatsky – Secret Doctrine – Book II, pp 339.)


In fact, as so aptly pointed out by HP Blavatsky, these statues were representatives of the four races that preceded ours, during the long cycles of time (manvantara) flowing over millions of years. The first of the statues, the tallest (52 meters high),represented the first race that existed on earth tens of millions of years ago. Its dimensions are exactly those of the men of that time living in a different (more ethereal) Earth environmentthan the one that we know today.

H.P Blavatsky a great disciple
H.P Blavatsky a great disciple

The second of these statues, by size, represented the second race that lived on the planet millions of years later and it measured 35 meters in height. This decrease in stature is justified by the slow solidification of the Earth’s environment over time. Followed the other races like the third (Lemuria) and the fourth (Atlantis) which were yet much smaller (albeit gigantic for us) to reach with our fifth race the size that we have today with its inception some tens of thousands of years ago.

When the Buddhist hermits discovered these statues as they settled in Bamiyan they stood five in number, representing the five major races that populated the Earth for countless ages, as it has just been said. They smeared plaster over three of them (to give them the appearance of Buddhas) and sculpted others to represent the Buddha to come in the Buddhist canon. These five statues were in fact the work of Initiates of the Atlantean race who found refuge in the highlands of Central Asiaafter the submersion of their continent.

To the future generations they left these monuments as evidence of the millennial history of races that lived on our planet. As everything disappeared inAtlantis during the various cataclysms – 800,000 – 200 000 – 80,000 – 9564 years B.C. – the survivors decided to leave a trace of the human history, without which nothing would have survived of the glorious Atlantis.

Atlantis the lost continent
Atlantis the lost continent



The Bamiyan Buddhas and the dark forces

Before their destruction in 2001 only two of these statues remained, the others were destroyed over time because of their smaller size and the vandalism always caused by the rage of men. For hundreds of years traveling merchants and explorers saw in these stone giants the homage paid to the Buddha.

They did not know how much these works of art, in a silent language,told something else,i.e., the turbulent history of Man on Earth which reached us thanks to these Initiates, those Adepts who have disclosed an immense knowledge to our suffering humanity since the end of the nineteenth century.

Thus in March 2001, thousands of years after they were carved by the Atlanteans, the stone giants of Bamiyansent out a final message to mankind. As always the famous battle against the dark forces took a tangible form before the stupefied eyes of the whole world.

Since the last war (1939 – 1945) these vile forces had not really manifested openly. Now it was this part of the world that would stage the announcement of a more insidious war.

The statues weredeclared idolatrous by Mullah Mohammed Omar. His henchmen, the Taliban, destroyed themwith explosives and gunfire. Two gigantic statues that had stood over the region for thousands of years disappeared after a month of heavy bombardment, causing great emotion in stunned viewers worldwide

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The statues will never be rebuilt; UNESCO did not judge the project a priority. However,a third “Buddha”, a reclining Buddha in Parinirvana, which the chroniclerXuanzangdescribedand is believed to be buried somewhere in the valley, will probably be the object of latersearches.


The Lion of Panjshir

This month of March 2001 saw the end of ‘ the Buddhas of Bamiyan’, but the conflict was just beginning. The Taliban had become masters of the region and they strove to eradicate the slightest traces of the past as do, besides, all groups seeking the disintegration of the planet. This perspective is always verified in history, if we are to judge by those who deliberately try to erase history to impose their ideas.

Not far away, in the Panjshir Valley, a man was engaged body and soul in a fight of which he knew perfectly what was at stake. He was to be the second martyr in this relentless war waged by the dark forces in this region of Afghanistan. In the plan devised by Al Qaeda he was the nuisance, the bastion that had to be destroyed.

A few months later, exactly on September 9, 2001, the onecalled the Lion of Panjshir,Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, was to die in his headquarters after receiving two suicide pseudo-journalists who came to interview him with a camera full of explosives. Two days later the attack against the twin towers of the World Trade Center embroiledhumanity in a new struggle.

The Lion of Panjshir,Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud

These two key events: the destruction of the Buddhas and the assassination of Massoud were thus the prelude to the terroristwar against the world. On a symbolic level, the destruction of the Atlantean giants had a profound meaning, although the Taliban manipulated by other, even darker forces, certainly did not know the significance.

Indeed, the battle of the Sons of the Light against the sons of Belial has its origins in the mists of time, specificallyduring the struggle that split humanity into two opposing camps at that distant time in Atlantis. This caused the fall of the continent and somehow the stagnation of humanity in the chaos which we are still paying today the heavy karma.

The destruction of the symbol, the giants ofBamiyan, was a clear signfrom the forces of darkness. They wanted to line themselves in the continuity of the horribleAtlanteannight which set off, in that distant past, the long period of spiritual obscurantism that we still know today. To destroy these giants was to destroy the last vestiges of Atlantis. Of course, the Taliban, blinded and manipulated, had no awareness of the dark intentions hiding behind this heinous act.

Commander Massoud, meanwhile, represented the annoying pillarof the Northern Alliance which was blocking their perfidious strategy in the region as would have done Benazir Bhutto, in a different way and to a different extent,if she had not, as well, suffered a fatal attack. This particular region of the world is a challenge for these forces which, in the past,pursued the same goals with Hassan Ibn Sabbah, grandmaster and founder of the Order of the Assassins. Since September 11, 2001 a new world order has been established on our planet.

The destruction of the giants was the first visible sign (although unnoticed) of the offensive of these shadowy groups. The choice of Bamiyan was not left to chance. The consequences of the battlehave just begun to take shape, and once again only a growing awarenessin people through spiritual opening will allow this multi-millennial evil to finally disappear.