Guillaume Delaage


The Serpent and his great mystery – 09/26/2008

All the greatest civilizations talked about the great mystery of the Serpent. A literature en vogue for several years denounces the pernicious influence of certain forces acting through anything in symbols or history that pertains to the realm of the ophidians or reptilians. Some contemporary authors even took this aspect to tie the serpent to an insidious alien influence that would have been on Earth for thousands of years. Once more, it is with the hermetic Doctrine that we are going to try to discover what hides behind the image of the serpent.


The serpent and his great mystery
Green mamba

This article does not pretend to describe the whole matter in details because a book would not be enough. Only the outlines will be discussed. The Serpent, as a symbol, is found in all the mythologies of the world. We could go very far back in history, but for obvious reasons we will confine to easily identifiable historical facts. The serpent has always had a bad reputation, especially in the West and in the Middle East.

A Symbol of evil for some, it is a satanic symbol for others. Alleged incarnation of vice and treachery reptiles have been the unwarranted contempt of historical ignorance. Even today, a conspiracy literature related to Extraterrestrials leads us back to the reptilians, from which some beings (or even humankind for some) would be the descendants.

It is not a question here of borrowing the words of some of those authors who trace instances in history in which the serpent was used as a symbol in order to link it to negative beings coming from space to subjugate humanity.Thus the diversion of a symbol of light (as we shall see) into a perverse sense brings water to the mill of the deviant streams of humanity while serving their dark designs. But we will come back to that later. Other authors, most serious, bring interesting elements and we salute the rigour of their work.



 The Serpent and his great mystery

It is perhaps useful to revisit certain mythologies and swathes of history in order to better understand why, to the Hermetic Doctrine, the serpent has always been a symbol of high representation for Initiates and Custodians of Knowledge. In Egyptian mythology, Kneph, the Eternal God, is portrayed by a serpent, a symbol of eternity. One can see ” the animal ” coiled around a vase filled with water upon which it blows. The serpent then takes the name of Agathodemon, the positive spirit of Nature and the Universe. In its negative aspect, it becomes Kakodemon

The serpent and his great mystery

One should know that everything in Nature has a double aspect. To say that there is Good and Evil would retract the reality a little. In fact, as Thoth-Hermes said, there is only one Principle that exists in varying degrees. Thus a symbol (like everything else) has two poles in its own nature.

The shadow, for example, is only one aspect – at a lower vibratory level – of the light. In all things there is a positive side and a negative side. It remains to be seen which one we prefer to embrace. This law of polarity and balance of forces, of which Thoth-Hermes spoke, occurs everywhere in Nature.

It is in this positive sense that we have to see the serpent, as a symbol of eternity and immortality when it encircles the world by biting its tail. It represents the Infinity of the ancient traditions, which was associated with the Father and his negative aspects when the Old Testament was reworked.

This fabled serpent of Genesis, that serpent that deceived Eve and brought the fruit of knowledge became the satanic symbol that we know, and for some a representation of a reptilian race.

But what was it in reality? Beyond the fable and the myth we find that the Church, as did besides all Judeo-Christian currents, took advantage of the power of a symbol that reflects a very important primordial reality for the benefit of human beings and turned it into a hateful image of temptation and abomination.

The serpent and his great mystery
Adam and Eve

Is it the Serpent (or Knowledge) that we should curse in this symbolism or that “god” who wanted that our consciousness be veiled for eternity? In fact, the Hermetic Doctrine brings us many details on this subject.

If Beings (of a great spiritual evolution) had not come to our planet at a certain period of the history of the world to bring us consciousness, if that “Serpent” which is the knowledge of Good and Evil, to borrow an allegory, did not open our eyes, what would we be?



The sons of the Serpents

It was the Fathers of the Church who deliberately occulted some texts and certain truths to make of this Serpent an aspect of evil into which humanity is sinking. It should be noted that all the genealogical table of the tenth chapter of Genesis refers to imaginary heroes, and that the verses ending the ninth are fragments of the Chaldean allegory of Sisuthrus and the mythical flood, conforming to the legend of Noah; and Seth, the third son of Adam, the father of the “chosen people”, was none other than Hermes, also known as the God of Wisdom and called Thoth, Tat or Seth.

The serpent and his great mystery
The God Thot

One may wonder what was Moses’s true religion, he who inspired himself from Chaldean texts to write Genesis. Moses certainly practiced a solar religion based on the ophidian symbolism as did the Egyptians (serpent = Knowledge). Genesis was then “rewritten” by Ezra after the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, and it was at that time that the interpretation changed.

Egyptian and Babylonian hierophants were “Sons of the God – Serpent” or “Sons of the Dragon” because in the ancient mysteries the serpent represented Wisdom and immortality, the cyclic evolutionary wheel when it becomes Ouroboros i.e., the snake that bites its tail. The ancient Druids also called themselves serpents. Karnak in Egypt has the same meaning as the Carnac of Britain which means the snake mountain.

Gautama, the Buddha, was born into a line of serpents through the race of the Naga (serpent) kings who ruled Magadha. Thoth-Hermes is Tet in his symbol as a serpent (still found in the Caduceus of our pharmaceutical companies these same serpents represent the positive and negative currents at the foundation of the whole universe, which we know through the tree of life in the Kabbalah).

According to Ophite legends, Jesus was born of a serpent (divine wisdom), i.e., he became a son of God by way of his initiation into the “Science of the Serpent”; and when he was tempted by “Satan” in the desert (place where the Essenes initiates dwelled) one can surmise that he had to go through the significant probationary tests that befall every great initiate.

He recognized the serpent as a symbol of Wisdom when he said to his Apostles: “Be ye therefore wise as serpents”, (Matt. 10-16). This is unequivocal!

Vishnu, identical to the Egyptian Kneph, stands on the heavenly serpent with seven-heads, as if to show the supreme dignity of the Serpent-Wisdom. Since ancient times the serpent has been revered on the entire surface of the Earth as the representation of divine wisdom.

Sanchoniaton, the initiated priest who lived during the reign of Semiramis, claimed that Thoth-Hermes was the first to label the serpent “the most spiritual of all the reptiles”. One, of course, must see a symbol representing the wisdom that kills to better revive, destroys to better rebuild and represents the law of karma and reincarnation and, especially, the infinity and eternity when it bites its tail.



The Initiates or Nâgas

The serpent and his great mystery
Vishnu riding the wise Serpent

Thus it was the Judeo-Christian tradition that later made a satanic symbol of the fall out of it. This invention is due to the takeover of the pagan cults by the Church in the early days of Christianity because they hindered its expansion. But as it was said at the beginning of this article the ancients made a difference between the good and the bad serpent. The first represented the divine Wisdom and the second evil on the material plane.

Because the divine light, when it “descends” from the purely spiritual plane, becomes more and more dense and turns into Maya or the misleading, tempting serpent of illusion on our plane.

The serpent and his great mystery
Nag Hammadi manuscipt

We still could give many examples of the Wisdom and Knowledge associated with the serpent. The Ophite Gnostics honoured this animal because it taught the Mysteries to the first men. It was those same Ophite Gnostics found in the Nag-Hammadi documents who denounced the God of Israel as a false god, an archon, and it is that way that one should see it.

They knew perfectly the high spiritual value of the serpent as a symbol by what it represents in its essence and physical appearance.

The Hindu and Tibetan Adepts were Nagas (serpents) who were humans and not reptiles. They were called “serpents” because they symbolized Wisdom and Knowledge. The Order of the Serpent, in antiquity, was this college of Sages whose mission was to bring the opening of consciousness to men. It was those Priests-Scientists-Astronomers who were the custodians of the hermetic Doctrine that has been transmitted for millennia.

As it has been said, the Church put an end to the cult of the serpent in its most divine form, after millennia of beliefs that had established it in its true identity. It became the symbol of malice and perversion while up to that point it was the magnificent symbol of Knowledge brought to men, the symbol of manifest consciousness, the awakening of humanity to itself.

This serpent, which by ignorance is associated to the forces of evil, is well regarded as the saviour of humanity. It never “tempted” Adam and Eve in the allegory of the earthly paradise, it simply was the awakening and awareness factor without which we would be automata caught in an endless dream today.


Reptilians and entities from outer Space

It would be irrelevant here to address the theme of beings from outer space that came to earth a very long time ago for evolution or sometimes destruction purposes. This could seem incredible if the hermetic Doctrine did not make reference to that and if history had not left us specific traces of their passage. To equate this ancient history to UFO phenomena and a reptilian invasion would distort the reality because the facts appear to be more complex and less restrictive. Earth was visited and still is by beings from more or less distant regions of space.

To say that in the antediluvian history there were different races, that is a fact that Tradition reveals. These beings came from space to redirect human evolution, this is undisputable and History, for those who have eyes to see, shows it. To say that gross beings were the result of a natural work that failed (Berossus mentioned that in his writings) is also true.

That pterodactyls, a kind of flying dragons contemporary to men, existed in distant Mu and Atlantis, this is also mentioned in the hermetic Doctrine. That beings living in the universe try to intervene on earth, this is also a reality. These beings have repeatedly come to the aid of our humanity via distant constellations.

The serpent and his great mystery
The 7 Pléiades

However, to say that reptilian races shaped humanity in times relatively close to us, this seems to be a lack of knowledge of ancient history if we base ourselves on what has been transmitted for generations by the custodians of knowledge.

The Sumerian tablets relate episodes of a humanity that was much older than what they have wanted us to believe. That an “extraterrestrial” race came to bring some benefits to mankind, that is a fact found in many traditions around the globe. But these traditions point to a more distant past than the Sumerian period.

That some odious entities took part in the terrible confusion that prevailed on Earth in a very distant time this is again mentioned in the hermetic Doctrine.

This fight still wages. It is the result of the opposition between the Forces of the light and those of darkness (to use an ancient terminology), and recent history demonstrates it once more. However, with regard to what happened in the last phase of the Lemurian period one might be tempted to say that devious beings tried to establish their authority on our planet during Titanic battles.

A denatured offspring was born of their intervention. This is what in part caused the destruction of the continent of Mu several million years ago. An almost identical phenomenon occurred in Atlantis hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that also caused its downfall. We are still paying today the consequences.


Sumerian Nâguas

The serpent and his great mystery To believe that this story of “gods” unraveled during the Sumerian period is an anachronism in my opinion since Sumerians and Chaldeans were rooted in multi-millennial India. This story had Atlantis as cradle, a much older Atlantis that the one precisely described by Plato.

It was from India that the Nagas brought knowledge to Chaldea via Sumer. The tribes of Akkad in Chaldea, Babylonia and Assyria had a connection to the Brahmins of Hindustan more than 8,000 years ago, and the story they told these burgeoning peoples was multi-millennial and lost in the mists of time.

That some manifestations of beings from elsewhere positioned themselves at different times in the history of the world and especially in distant Lemuria, that is certain, but those they call “reptilians” act, in my opinion, in a way much more pernicious than is believed.

One should know that the stakes are high for those predators when it comes to Earth, and that is at many levels. While our planet is beset by human beings who want our loss it is also protected by others who bring us considerable assistance. To all this is added another important factor, that of those who today are called “the reptilians” or “the greys”. To present things in this manner may seem ridiculous, even insufficient and such is not the purpose of this article.


The teachings of the Nagual

The serpent and his great mystery
Carlos Castaneda

However, with regard to this apparent confusion clues are given that allow us to link certain elements. In my book (Thot-Hermes – Origines secretes de l’humanite) I briefly present the work done over many years by Carlos Castaneda and particularly his master, Don Juan Matus.

This last was the last representative of a line of Toltec (thus Atlanteans) “sorcerers”. Without a doubt, it is probably in what Don Juan said to his pupil that the key to what pertains to the “reptilians” is to be found in part. Castaneda’s master called them “les planeurs”.

He said that an ancient Toltec tradition holds that they came from the depths of the cosmos a very long time ago (which fully ties with the hermetic Doctrine). Moreover, he claimed that these “planeurs” (inorganic beings) keep us under their control and added:
“They need us to feed, and this is why they pressure us tirelessly, exactly like us who raise chickens to consume. They grow us in human ‘barns’ to never run out of food.”  (translated from the French text)

According to Don Juan it is these predators that have imposed upon us us our belief systems and our ideas about good and evil etc…In fact the conditions in which we have been imprisoned for millennia. They thrive on what they have no more in them i.e., consciousness.

This leads us to another question: what do these beings whom some also call “the greys “seek? They are macabre entities that feed on human emotions for the sole purpose of living.

They play on the keyboard of our human emotions to absorb this subtle aspect which they lack. They are entities that live on a very dense plane, which easily allows them to manifest physically on some occasions.

The numerous reports that exist allow us to say that they sometimes use implants on some human beings in order to one day dominate humanity. It must be said that this implant now exists in a natural way and it has been around for several million years. But we will probably have the opportunity to return to this theme later.

Thus, without going any further, we understand once more that the only way to escape this vampirism is through the evolution of consciousness. Without that, the human being can never be released from this grip. The intellectual capacity, the technical and scientific achievements and the academic culture are good things in themselves, but without man’s pugnacious WILL to regain his divine ability, without the incessant effort to open to new horizons of awakened consciousness, nothing will change.


If everyone works towards this objective, there lies salvation. Then the light that shines in each one of us on the surface of our Earth will dispel that darkness too long established in our civilization. And this light of awakened consciousnesses will be the foretold death of these entities about which Don Juan spoke and are well known to the hermetic Doctrine.

The serpent and his great mystery
Masters Koot-Humi and Morya

This will be the real victory of the Serpent, that is, the Sacred Science of which the Arhats, the Mahamas of the Great White Lodge, have always been the custodians. Without these beings of light, our planet would have long been annihilated.

This article, beyond the fantastic considerations, has one goal only: to show that in addition to the curiosity that one can nourish towards these subjects, each one of us ought to meditate on his personal ability for inner transformation and work on his own awakening in order to leave more room in his life to spirituality.

To focus too much on these topics – and that is more and more the taste of the day – is an indirect way to attract these negative forces we talked about. It seems that the mere awareness of the issue is sufficient to direct our efforts towards an inner work which, as it was said above, is the best way to combat these devious forces.



The Mayan Prophecy, initially translated a few years ago, is being reviewed and corrected. An improved translation will soon be available. We thank you for your understanding.


After the big fears of the year 1000 AD and the year 2000 and the hypothetical end of the world these two dates predicted, an apocalyptic Mayan prophecy has been taken into account for 10 years. It is stated in this text that the end of the world is scheduled on December 21st 2012 due to a fire storm. Overstatement? Reality? The amateurs of sensational events see a radical change on Earth and even the end of our civilization. What to think of these allegations and what are the real bases of this reflection? Does the year 2012 really announce the end of the world?

The mayan prophecy

In order not to be repetitive, I am not going to re-explain the same things that were already said and written about the famous Mayan calendar prophecies. Let’s just summarize the story. The astronomic rules quite precisely regulated the day-to-day life of Native American civilizations, and particularly the Mayans. Bear in mind that the calendar was pretty the same for all the civilizations of Central and South America populations.


The Mayans used several of them with different computations, among which five major ones: the long counting, the round calendar, the haab, the Tzolkin and the Night Cycle. The Round calendar was based on the birth of five suns which lasted a period of 26 000 years which corresponds to Plato’s Big Year or the Cycle of the Equinoxes Precession whose duration is 25 920 years. The fifth sun (or fifth period), for the Mayans, was born in 3113 AC thus determining a Venusian cycle which comes to an end on December 21st 2012. The calendars are very accurate and almost perfectly meet our Gregorian calendar.


Due to their ancient knowledge of Atlantis, the Mayans were particularly interested in the Sun, the Moon, Venus and the Pleiad constellation. This Venus cycle is very interesting since it corresponds to the sacred theme from which all the big traditions originate, in so far Venus is the Initiator planet.


These various astronomical observations and this ancestral knowledge used to define, for this people, an equally old tradition, the one of “Priest-scholars” who mastered both astronomy but also the true astrology and divination related to the Law of rhythms and Universal Cycles taught in faraway Atlantis. (See : Thot-Hermès – Origines de l’humanité – de G. Delaage – Editions Moryason)


Codex Cospi, currently located in the Library of Bologna – acquired by the Marquis Cospi in 1665 – precisely shows these different aspects of Venus orb so important to the Mayas, Aztecs and other peoples of South America.


They were rightly convinced that the world had been destroyed and “rebuilt” several times. This is what the Vedic traditions call the Pralayas and the Manvantaras. The fifth and last of the Maya sun should therefore come to an end on December 21, 2012 destroying the world in blood and fire …


That is the prophecy which was transmitted by this Native American people whom we wrongly attribute the well known Aztec Sun Stone discovered in the late eighteenth century in Mexico and which is located on the pyramid of Tenochtitlan.


It is a circular basalt stone 3m 59 in diameter, weighing 25 tons. It is probably a copy of a lost stone in a lake near Mexico City. Often called “Aztec calendar” but whose real name is Cuauhxicalli, “receptacle of the Eagle”, it is a calendar but also a stone marking the sacred date of the Feast of the “New Fire” celebrated every 52 years.


 Aztec calendar
Aztec calendar


What should we think of this prophecy? The date itself is accurate but is this announced destruction really the destruction of the world? Would some of us take the statement too literally? Yet this flood of fire and blood is also announced in the Apocalypse of John as in other peoples’ texts. A Greek friend of mine told me once that he saw in a monastery on Mount Athos in secluded, an ancient icon representing the end of the world on which it could be seen flying machines (like those we know today) in a war of fire (bombs) and blood …


The current situation

A prophecy is not an isolated or “miraculous” or even “blind” event. A prophecy is that rare ability that a few persons have to connect special circumstances of the world history to a specific date or a specified period. This date of 21 December 2012 has not been launched at random. The Mayans were handling a precise science that corresponded to both rigorous astronomical observations and to the knowledge of cosmic cycles they had inherited from the mysterious Toltec people, a direct descendant of the Atlanteans.


Before considering whether or not 2012 will be the end of the year, we must consider closely the current situation. For decades now the world has been suffering from a terrible evil, man. Greedily, selfishly, and especially unconsciously, the planet has gradually been pillaged, abused, ruined, degraded, and debased. Many, due to ignorance, have said: “After me the Deluge” and each individual has contributed, through simple acts, through the overconsumption, to pollute and destroy the earth.


This degradation is now so strong that no need is to show the harmful effects of greenhouse gases, pollution of the atmosphere by products that are released into the air, in the soil and in the seas. Some in the past tried to start sounding the alarm. They preached in the wilderness for too many years. Today, the damage is done and it is very difficult to go back. Scientists are trying to reassure, but their contradictions are obvious and the events regularly come destroy their assertions. Indeed, the destruction is going faster than expected.


The Arctic is melting at high speed and contradicts the assessments set by climatologists. New diseases appear due to environmental pollution especially in the poorest countries. The Earth is our mother. It is a living being which man has no respect for. It is no different from us because without it we would not be. The elderly knew this and knew the close relationship between the elements of nature and men.




But gradually the “first peoples” disappeared taking with them the last vestiges of real human nature. But what are we facing? Beyond appearances, a carefully prepared plan extends its pseudopodia on all humans in order to degrade the situation and anchor an irreversible mining. More and more voices are heard to denounce the horror of such a plan.


But other more assertive voices impose counter- information relegating scientifically based proofs to the rank of “hazy theories and conspiracies!” Yet the manipulation is there. The media, increasingly, focus public attention on mundane events or touch the basic emotions of fear which generates aggressiveness. We show the dream, the unreachable, the illusory to feed frustration and make spectators patronized beings through harrowing television programs. This Game of the media is very sneaky because it is orchestrated by structures whose purpose is to stupefy.


Big Brother

Regarding the financial crisis, we must know that the stock market crashes – unlike what we can see – are in the interest of major financial powers among which banks are merely collateral expressions. Based on historical references we can see that these crises have always been a step back for social laws as well as for security. There is less money so we require more effort … Violence rumbles? Then it appeals to more prohibition, thus reducing individual and private freedoms.


In recent years, ten years at most, things have been gaining momentum in the field of control of individuals. Lure, seduction, innovation have been driving, as always, technological and scientific invention serving an “intelligentsia” but at the expense of the individuals. The control is getting more accurate. The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it is also a way to identify everyone. Mobile phones are also very useful tools, but it is very easy to penetrate the privacy of a person and listen to conversations even when the power is completely turned off.


The GPS are also very good location means not only for those who use them. Credit cards can keep tracks of an individual and identify all his purchases. It will grow more and more with online payment that becomes common practice. Electronic cameras in the streets, Wi-Fi, are means of observation that gradually alienate individual freedoms.


The implants are increasingly becoming commonplace in the human being, for medical purposes, therefore accepted. The brain, in the medical field again, starts being controlled by the waves. Antidepressant treatment will be charged, will there be the same in the near future, to control our thoughts?


Photo-3---Figuration-fictive-d-une-manipulation-de-l-humainSome, facing these arguments, may say it is okay to move forward and we cannot deprive oneself of the available means. To some extent this is true only if these “developments” do not interfere with individual freedom and especially with health. In this regard, another frightening manipulation is the mass production of pesticides and chemicals in the atmosphere and the food.

More and more cancers, diseases affecting the central nervous system, allergies, and skin diseases appear due to the high rate of pesticides and other chemicals in the consumed plant or animal food.

The coming years will unfortunately count the victims of this malpractice food, then it would be easier to return to organically grown food which would enable to live better.

But the problem is deeper because the mass food makes the benefit of big businesses exploiting food resources.




Brave new world

The regulation of food permits to control people on the planet and provide more money to those who produce on a large-scale, as future farmers who have always been the laborers of the land, will gradually disappear to make way for large companies. This “chemistry” in the food makes men more and more sterile, in Asia and in Africa, in India too, the water is contaminated in groundwater.


We die more of cancer and male infertility is increasing. Why? What do we want to achieve? The answers to these questions can lead to very dark scenarios… In addition, we have witnessed in recent years a “Food genocide” of Third World countries that lack more and more resources and some are literally starving. Why rice is suddenly too expensive for those people who need it daily? Why this sudden change in the economy beyond what is “politically correct”?

Photo-4---medicamentsThe analysis carried further is chilly! In the pharmaceutical field, the problem is troubling. How many doctors practicing alternative medicine protest as everyday they see cheap natural medicines strengthening the immune disappear from drugstore shelves due to prohibition.

Why do we advocate chemical drugs that pollute and weaken the body whose side effects are sometimes unverified ?

It is not about condemning allopathic medicine, which in many cases is necessary, but to see the inequalities that exist and the intention to overshadow the benefits of natural medicines. Who benefits from this?

Not the smaller labs for sure. Do we seek once more to have a stranglehold on individuals by debilitating them? The molecules of some drugs are very harmful and are addictive for whom consumes them with unavoidable side effects.

This description is very basic and has no claim to cover exhaustively the subject. Much could be said, but this is not the purpose of this article. These examples and the brief discussion are aimed to set a “background” against the surrounding forces that hold the strings of the world. The current financial and monetary scheme cannot go on and is clearly running out. What is at stake in this global unrest?


Atlantean karma

In the light of what was said, a question is raised: Do we seek to automate the man? This calls for a direct answer. If we judge individuals by their behavior in general, they would rank closer to the animal than to the infinite consciousness that is in them. In our society, the calls on instinct are numerous and many factors contribute to exacerbate them. This will which aims to “store” a human in a conditioning and more and more numerous imposed frameworks, is not new.


Hermetic Doctrine tells us that long ago, during the Atlantis time, The Sons of Belial, that is to say the forces of darkness came to power on the continent that was at the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. The Masters of Wisdom who followed the evolution of humanity split from the existing power, while the Atlantean society began a slow deterioration. The worst atrocities were committed and the opposing forces became mistresses to the evolution of our planet.


Symbol of the Thule-Gesellschaft

These abuses pushed the Atlanteans to create a genetically engineered and human-animal hybrid slave race. Nevertheless, then-mankind wallows in shame. It occurred what some texts relate to: the Sons of Light (Great White Lodge trans-Himalayan) had to face the terrible struggle that followed and Atlantis disappeared forever beneath waters.

But the story does not end here. All along the following millennia, these forces of darkness, although weakened, continued their work in depth to achieve take control one day again. Their plan has been, since the dawn of time, perfectly orchestrated.

Recent history shows that they were about to win “the game”. Indeed, during the Second World War, the Thule group, which was behind Nazism, organized a large-scale attack that almost threw the world into an irreversible whirlwind.

Little is known that Hitler was about to create a half-human half-animal race for mass production, a “robotic” servile race which would eventually enable an elite to live more comfortably. This plan was stopped thanks to the Work of the Great White Lodge assisted by external interventions.

What would have been our world if this evil organization had reached its end? This evil structure has not been eradicated so far and its unhealthy ramifications are today more subtle but nonetheless present.

All groups falsely called “Illuminati” by contemporary authors are only the tip of the iceberg and continue to spread their insidious actions worldwide. This choice of creating a robotic race is always present and it would take volumes to adequately explain the true actions of these groups.


The forthcoming world will have to face this “octopus” because the Atlantean Karma must be purged. The same conditions that led to the destruction of Atlantis are being put into place, and next year may be the result of human choice led by the dastardly forces. Everyone must choose one’s side, one’s position and must not remain passive.


The slow and gradual collapse of our socio-political systems is a signal. If nothing happens we will witness an increasingly strong surge of violence. Fundamentalism in religious movements may lead to unknown clashes, climate problems will not fix anything in this scenario because millions of people could die of starvation while a small part of the world population is pledged. The consequences of climate change will lead to a change in the global map. The lives that harmonically govern the basic of our planet suffer from a dismal manner.


Yet, facing this, far too many people keep a selfish attitude and refuse to admit, see, act … The picture is certainly very pessimistic but if you take a look at the topic, one can note, beyond the egocentric positions, that the facts are here. Anesthesia inseminated in awareness is leading some of us to smile and even to be aggressive after reading these comments. What this observation leads us to?




The date of December 21, 2012 introduced in the Mayan calendar will certainly be significant. Are we getting closer to the end of this world? It might be too harsh to say. 2012 will determine a lot. It seems unlikely that our planet ends up in a cataclysmic collapse on that date but it seems logical that this year will be the beginning of a progressive and rapid deterioration that will allow dark forces to take precedence over the radical forces of Light. It is possible that 2012 be a kind of tipping point for humanity and serious events emerge.


But the most important date is perhaps not this one for the expected collapse. Indeed David Anrias in his book tells us that according to the astrological cycle, the Sun cycle began in 1981 and should come to an end in 2017. This period will lead to a lowering of the light that will reveal the planetary multimillennial evil which will become widespread across the globe. 2017 will be the climax. It is when the Saturn cycle will take place and put “very intensely every nation and every human being before his Karma.”

Pollution in China

The famous Mayan prophecy should probably be understood in this way and whether we understand things logically or by occult explanation, it already is known that the world will never be the same.

Humanity must pay its “karmic debt” and this cannot be done without abandoning the illusory benchmarks which we have focused on for so long. 2012 will mark out this irreversible step anyway.

This article, despite its apparent pessimism, does not aim to terrify readers. What you should know is that only our mindset can transform things.

Everyone must exercise his free will in one way or another. Either react in the direction of consciousness and therefore of life, or remain passive in the dark and simply see the upcoming events or not believe it.

The question raised is: what can we do? It seems that, regardless of probabilities planned for this date, everyone has to carry out a transformation in themselves. The fact of opening up to nature, to the living Spirit that is within us is a big step.


The Great Invocation  is a fundamental practice which unites us not only to forces of Light but which also weaves an unbreakable bond with the Divine Spirit within us. On the other hand, the selfishness that determines many of us in everyday life must be a constant reflection because it undermines the fundamental principles of compassion and exchange between human beings whoever they are, whatever they do. Another decisive action to act for our personal awakening is not to be swayed by the dictates of the media and misinformation.


These different acts, for those who wish a more rigorous and accurate work on the self, through a healthy practice of personal development will be the falls to escape the density of the fog surrounding the guarantee of a brighter future. When this century comes to an end many things will certainly have changed and our planet will be released of this threatening cope of physical and psychic pollution. Humans will then have the opportunity to live with other concepts and other values.


The difficulties in finding the exit to the Light will vanish because the mind and the astral environment will be clarified and barriers will be less important to discover the inner wealth. The time seems long for human vision, but this long-awaited light is already here. For now it shows dirt lurking in the shadows, but the end of this torment is already announced.