Guillaume Delaage

Seeking Lemuria

This article, initially translated a few years ago, is being reviewed and corrected. An improved translation will soon be available. We thank you for your understanding.


If Atlantis is a mysterious continent which flares up, Lemuria or Mu’s continent – less famous indeed – is not an enigma for historians and researchers. Myth for ones, or tale for others, this faraway continent located hypothetically in the middle of Pacific Ocean won’t stop exciting the curiosity of investigators in their quest of mystery. However, if we can link scattered elements about Atlantis, Lemuria keeps silence about her origin, so well that fed up with taking wrong ways and with the lack of scientist elements, most of them preferred to put back Mu’s Continent in the books of imaginative worlds. But can we be satisfied with that hypothesis ?


Of course, the lack of information and leads cannot help an edification for a serious theory. Is that enough to get rid of everything ? This continent has been exhumed from silence after millenniums. Furthermore, the zoologist Philipp Sclater tried to explain the repartition of some mammals, included lemurs, in different geographical areas. He created the word « Lemuria » in order to locate some continent in Indian Ocean, which could have been existed faraway ago. Later, the German naturalist, Ernst Haeckel (about 1900) resumed this hypothesis. Since there, scientist have rejected that idea relying on the Wegener’s continental drift theory.


Above science and relying on The secret doctrine, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky will be the one to be at the origin of the keen interest for the lost continent, because she put important keys in her magnum opus in 1888. Later, Rudolf Steiner, basing on H.P.B’s writings, gave some visionary elements on that file reopened from then on. Scott Elliot, about 1930, gave his contribution to the lemurian saga too, but the controversial books of James Churchward in 1926 gave life again to critics by the presentation of the Naacals’ Tablets. Finally, Louis Claude Vincent, in 1970, resumed Chruchward’s works by giving a perspective more buttress and well-founded, but too close from his predecessor’s work.

To the light of Tradition

What does secret Tradition says about Mu ? The Mahatmas from the Great White Brotherhood assert that Mu’s continent has existed far before Atlantis, several millenniums years ago. These words can look extravagant to the eyes of Science today, but we could considerate this subject with other parameters which haven’t had any attention about evolution itself (see : Thot-Hermès, origines secrètes de l‘humanité by Guillaume Delaage, Moryason Editions).

Situation of Lemuria
Situation of Lemuria

According to this antic Tradition, the advent of the Giant’s race, which took place on the Mu’s continent, inside a formidable society of Divine Kings, gave birth later to Atlantis. We can say that the subject about the separation of sexes mentioned in the Genesis, occurred at that moment of human history. These various aspects won’t be developed here because it would be beyond the subject of that article. However, Mahatmas have described very precisely the location of Lemuria, beyond the simple Pacific Ocean, because H.P.Blavatsky says in her Secret Doctrine :

« the whole area of space from the foot of the Himalayas, which separated it from the inland sea rolling its waves over what is now Tibet, Mongolia, and the great desert of Schamo (Gobi); from Chittagong, westward to Hardwar, and eastward to Assam. From thence, it stretched South across what is known to us as Southern India, Ceylon, and Sumatra; then embracing on its way, as we go South, Madagascar on its right hand and Australia and Tasmania on its left, it ran down to within a few degrees of the Antarctic Circle; when, from Australia, an inland region on the Mother Continent in those ages, it extended far into the Pacific Ocean, not only beyond Rapa-nui (Teapy, or Easter Island) which now lies in latitude 26 S., and longitude 110 W. »

Then we can see the continent we are seeking is not limited to the location of the austral territory as contemporary authors like to demonstrate, but was extended even up to Madagascar. Several exegetes have sometimes confused through the myths and legends of peoples, the relatives facts to Atlantis and Lemuria. That’s why the famous manuscript Troano, describing the collapse in one night of a continent which provided a home for 64 millions souls, is more about the Atlantean disaster.

About Mu, there’s almost nothing that subsist today, except the extraordinary relics as the Easter Island’s Big Ear, rising from a Lemurian earth previously collapsed and which emerged back to a recent period. The rest of the construction that we can find today in some islands of the Pacific, take apart the relics of a civilization which existed far after the collapse of Lemuria but come from directly from its tradition.


Seeking Lemuria with the eye of science

What about the lemurian saga today ? In fact, only a few researchers resumed that quest and it looks like Lemuria keeps its secret deeply in the Pacific’s abysses. However, recently, a Japanese oceanographic team, drove by the scientist Masaaki Kimura, took the lost continent quest. From the geologic movements and the activities of the ocean bottom, this geologist tried to demonstrate that near Okinawa, there was a collapsed continent which have really existed.

In fact, in the Jiriokiu islands, we can find what we called Okinawa’s stones of Rosetta. They are tablets of stone graved with strange signs. They look like in a very strange way to the ones discovered in India by Churchward and we can see surprisingly notice that lots of old women from that region wear the same signs as tattoos on their body as we have find on the tablets of stone.

untitled-12The submarines exploration, effectuated thanks to a submersible radio-controlled to more than 1800 meters of depth, permitted to Kimura to explore the Tokara’s fracture of volcano’s origin, which could establish what Tradition relates about the continent’s collapse, because of the strong volcano eruptions which were the causes of its destruction. The sampling effectuated by the teams of researches occurred to be Riukyu’s limestone, in other words, a limestone that we find generally on the surface. If that material exists in that depth, that mean for Kimura the rocky plate from the bottom of the ocean existed at the surface a long time ago. He discovered also, in great depth, some fragment of mammals bones which prove their existence at the surface several thousand years ago. On his opinion, Kyrioku’s islands are the rests of Mu’s continent, and Yonaguni’s island could contain hidden a part of Lemuria’s relics, if we judge by the gigantic discoveries made by divers, as a formidable pyramid and a colossal human head.

Other structures have been located in the perimeter, to a distant of 500 kilometres between Yonaguni and Okinawa. We can find paved roads and crossroads. Near Taiwan, there’s also the ruins of Penghu’s Island, by 30m of depth, which shows it is about human construction. In numerous islands of Pacific, we find very ancient relics of that fantastic civilization which have existed a long time ago. Here’s a non-exhaustive list :

Palau’s ruin (Micronesia)
Nan-madol’s ruins in Ponape
Tongatapu Island in the Tonga Island (Polynesia)


Societies’ Island (Polynesia)
Pins’ Island’s Tumuli (Melanesia)
Pitcairn’s Island
The ruins of Lelu’s island (Micronesia)
Malden island (Polynesia)
Rapa Iti (Polynesia)
The Columns of Marianne’s’ islands (Micronesia)
Kerama’s labyrinths in Japan (Micronesia)

Theses recent discoveries join the millenary Tradition which related the existence of formidable civilizations that reached a very high level of evolution, millions years ago. Theses assertions could make smile some scientists stuck with their academism, but however, what will be about our world, if tomorrow, a cataclysm would come to collapse or destroy our continents ?

Earth would restructure itself its environment and humanity should start again everything from the beginning. That’s what some ancient documents put to our thought. Frescos as the one of Magourata’s cave in Bulgaria (25000 to 12000 years before our era) let us a message graved in stone presenting people collapsing in colossal waves. Is this about the last days of Atlantis saw but the survivors or maybe from a past more faraway ?

The lemurian earth is buried under tons of lava to thousand meters of depth under Pacific Ocean. Only « luck » could permit to us one day to discover some constructions or relics that escaped from erosion and flames. His secret is no more able to be find. The ones who could discover the relics of this continent belong to a faraway future, when Earth, in its geological evolution, will restructure its continents. Then perhaps the last lines of Mu’s continent’s life will show up. Until there, the stubbornness of some researchers could have in stock some surprises.