Guillaume Delaage


What we know as “Academic” history is sometimes faced with strange or mysterious personages that are all enigmas for historians. Sometimes, when the truth is elusive, we make do with the official explanation which, once we scratch the little varnish on the surface, is insufficient. As a result many mysteries remain unsolved. In the last few decades a conspiracy theory has flowered on the internet and on the shelves of some bookstores.

Although most of these ideas find their justification in reality, we must however consider the issue from a more important angle. This last takes into account other, often overlooked, influences: those of the Great Masters of Wisdom Who constantly intervene in the “Affairs” of the world, in the respect of the free will of human beings but still Vigilant and Benevolent, so as to prevent the takeover of our world by perverse currents. It is for a better understanding of These Beings that this article is written.


Visible journey of the Adepts

Since Man has been upon the earth, says the Hermetic Doctrine, Beings of great evolution have endeavoured to provide this planet with the needed tools for harmonious progress. Thus, the human being has always been guided by Personages who were and are Custodians of Wisdom and our guides, without whom our world would have long been lost. Some of them are known, some are less, and others are still totally unknown to all. However, that they made themselves known in the past or whether they fulfill their mission in total discretion today, their actions are not less rich in implications for human beings.

These Masters of Wisdom were first presented as such to the world by H.P. Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century. They are also called Masters of the Great White Lodge, Adepts, Mahatmas, The Brothers of the Light. However they are named, they are here among us, benevolent in their solicitude to bring more wisdom to humans when the time is appropriate. (See this excellent article by A. Moryason.)


Real disciples

Photo 1
Mahatmas Koot-Humi and Morya

Nowadays, we can never stress this enough, there are those who, moved by an unreined enthusiasm, proclaim in some media to be the messengers of these Masters. Here again the judgment of each will make a difference when we discover the poverty of the said messages allegedly sent by those “entities” that come straight from the proclaimant’s imagination, or are the expression of a modern spiritualism (see Article: Channeling and illusions of the New Age).

These aberrations do not include of course, in any way, the sincere disciples duly chosen to come in contact with Them via a telepathic transmission or a physical meeting. This was the case of H.P. Blavatsky and later Alice A. Bailey who transmitted some extraordinary teachings under their authority. Many other disciples performed this role in the past and some even do so today.

These Mastersof wisdom, the Adepts, known to live in a region beyond the Himalayas, have always been here to guide Man in his evolution, with constant respect for his free will. As I said in other articles (see 2012 – The Mayan prophecy) They are the Custodians of the Hermetic doctrine, that is, the Sacred Knowledge known by the greatest Initiates of all times.

Some individuals, with a liking for doom-mongering, omit to mention – especially in the difficult times we live in – that these Beings of Wisdom are always present in our world, because of their love for humanity and to help us fight the opposing forces seeking to stifle the light since the dawn of time.

Their wisdom is immense and their evolution is extraordinary. They are perfect Masters to us, but as such there is no demand for any devotion, cult or worship on their part. Instead, their humility is only equaled by their silence and their discretion. They demand nothing for themselves and only seek to provide succor and aid to humanity in total discretion and in the application of the Universal Laws.



The Great Plan

That is why this article, although modestly, seeks to honor them since the attention is too often given to those who are falsely called the Illuminati, so much it is true that these devious forces attract more by the dramatic and obnoxious side that they present. That cannot be said of the Great White Lodge.

Masters willfully shroud themselves in silence, encouraging everyone to make the effort to find the spiritual path. However, over the centuries and millennia, they have intervened and always intervene in the course of history not only to assert the universal values of Life, Love and Light, but also to prevent many planetary dramas that would have annihilated all consciousness on this Earth a long time ago.

Some of Them are now known since the nineteenth century: The Mahatmas Koot-Humi, Morya, Saint Germain, Hilarion, the Venetian Master… Each intervened in a period of history to influence certain currents which, without their interference, would have led humanity to very serious problems. I must say that these interventions can sometimes seem surprising and the Grand Plan of the Adepts escapes most people.

A Master will often take the curious decision of the creation of a movement for example. This will be countered (apparently) by another movement, quite opposite, created soon after by another Master. These “quirks” to our eyes are no less than the careful implementation of a plan skillfully put in place to allow Them to:

1- Leave free will to humans
2- Not intervene directly to allow the karmic law to take effect
3- Act within a specific framework based on human and planetary cycles

With the examples that follow, we will now draw a quick outline of their main manifestations, or those of some of their disciples, in the history of the last few centuries.


The hidden history

In The key of Theosophy H.P Blavbatsky says :

“But I must tell you that during the last quarter of every hundred years an attempt is made by those “Masters,” of whom I have spoken, to help on the spiritual progress of Humanity in a marked and definite way. Towards the close of each century you will invariably find that an outpouring or upheaval of spirituality — or call it mysticism if you prefer — has taken place. Some one or more persons have appeared in the world as their agents, and a greater or less amount of occult knowledge and teaching has been given out. If you care to do so, you can trace these movements back, century by century, as far as our detailed historical records extend…”

This clarification is important because it tells us that These Great Souls of the Great Transhimalayan Lodge manifest regularly to bring new teachings in order to help humanity progress in its spiritual evolution. This is precisely what happened in the late nineteenth century with the fundamental contribution to Teachings through H.P. Blavatsky’s monumental work: The Secret Doctrine (6 volumes), which was drafted with the help of the Masters.

H.P Blavatsky and Olcott


There were yet other attempts, guided also by the Great White Lodge, which occurred in the early twentieth century with Alice A. Bailey’s books, and in the late twentieth century with the spread of the teachings of Franz Bardon, an other Master of wisdom. Bardon himself, as an Adept, penned the three essentially practical volumes on operative Theurgy, thereby disclosing an essential and fundamental element of the Hermetic Doctrine.

Given the cyclical changes in the last century a large amount of fundamental teachings was offered to humanity. Everyone, beyond the vitriolic criticisms or the paeans of praise that those teachings arouse in the public, can form an opinion by experimenting in private the benefits of such a practice.

History, as far as we could go back in time, is marked by fairly significant interventions of These Adepts who, in addition to providing teachings at specific times, always act by Themselves or through Their disciples by important people of the world to influence the course of events and prevent certain dangers. They also act upon a particular period in order to help humanity move forward along a particular path, in order to reap a greater benefit.


During the Middle Ages

The story of the marriage of Philip II Philip Augustus (1165-1223), Seventh King of France of the Capetian dynasty, with Princess Ingeborg of Denmark remains a puzzle for historians. Even today, no one understands why the monarch persisted in rejecting the poor Danish princess the day after the wedding. All motives were evoked but no one really discovered the truth.

The hidden history tells us that having just been crowned king, Philip made a strange encounter in the forest during a hunt. It was a monk, “inspired or commissioned,” who told him about specific events of his future, his reign and the negative implications for the kingdom if a particular sign appeared in his life. The warning must have overwhelmed him for he came out of this contact very troubled.

The King Philippe Auguste

On his wedding night with Ingeborg he saw that she bore a mark on her breast, the same one foretold as a sign by the monk. Upon seeing this, the King was filled with terror and could not approach her. He had her dressed and locked away in a convent. Whenever one would talk to him about this unfortunate Queen (unconscious to have been marked by fate with these dark effluvia aimed at destroying the king and the throne), he became pale as death.

The church hierarchy did not know all this; it remained in its eternal “exotericism”. The pope threatened to excommunicate the king if he did not take the Danish queen back. Only an inspired monk and the king knew what the kingdom had been spared. We will never know.




The Templars

When the year 1314 ended, shock ran throughout Europe: Philip the Fair, King of France, had the Templars executed and their order disbanded. Even today, all historians agree that this was an injustice. In my book (Thoth-Hermes – The secret origins of Mankind, Editions Moryason), I devote an entire chapter to what was considered a massacre in that dark night on the Ile des Juifs in Paris, where Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Order, was burnt alive at the stake with some of his companions in misfortune.

What still surprises was the relentlessness of King Philip in wanting the eradication of the Templars at any cost. To achieve his goals he relied on the church to dissolve the Order, even though he disliked this authority. He destroyed them with unusual fury, chasing them across Europe and not only in his own territory (which would have been sufficient if he had wanted to seize their wealth and undermine a troublesome power).

The King Philippe Le Bel

Why did he act this way? France is one peculiar country, and some even say that it benefits from a special Divine protection that dates back to the origins of the monarchy. Did not Apollonius of Tyana bury a precious stone of protection in an area that would become Lutece and later Paris? The times of Philip the Fair were important for France. It was then that feudalism was dealt a death blow by the king who tried to restore the concept of the rule of law (the famous Legists) of the Romans.

This notion was lost in the dark night of Europe after the fall of the Empire in the West.The stakes were high and the forces of darkness had the sole purpose of seeing France and its people petrify in feudal sleep so they can implement their evil plans.It was not the first time these harmful currents tried to dissolve the nascent French Kingdom.

Philip was warned in secret by an Initiate who managed to convince him that the Knights Templar, once so brave and noble, had been shorted and infiltrated by evil forces during their stay in Palestine by the order of the Assassins. The Templars were a formidable power for both the Kingdom of France and the Church. These monk soldiers were infiltrated at the heart of their assemblies and they did not know it.

Even Jacques de Molay was unaware that a negative grip was tightening around his organization. If Philip the Fair had not intervened, the order of the Temple would have been the armed wing of the Dark Orders in the West and history would be completely different from what we now know. The king knew, he was warned and he had to act accordingly, even with the risk of being a bloodthirsty murderer in the eyes of history.

It is thanks to these Masters of the Transhimalayan Lodge that France escaped the pernicious infiltration of Ismaili currents directed by the Order of the Assassins in Europe. If the halt was not given the worm would have completely infiltrated the Order of the Temple and the whole of Europe would have been dominated by the Dark Forces.


The Great Mongol


Akbar (1542 – 1605) ruled the Mongol Empire from 1556 until 1605. He is generally regarded as the Great Mongol. We know how much the influence he had over his people was important. He displayed great talent as an administrator and was very passionate about justice. What characterized him was his tolerance in matters of religion. His wife was even a Hindu princess. He also welcomed Hindus in his army and administration, which lead to significant alliances with Rajput kingdoms.

Although born a Muslim he rejected the divine origin of the Quran and declared himself a friend of the arts and sciences as well as a staunch defender of all faiths. He invited representatives of major religions to discuss religious matters with him. That led him in 1581 to develop a religion of light, which was a sort of syncretism of Islam, Christianity and Jainism, wishing to make it a state religion that would unify his vast empire.

What is less known is that Akbar was overshadowed, (1) for a certain time of his life, by the Master Morya himself, allowing him to lead the country to a considerable progress for the society of that time. Akbar was not the Mahatma Morya but the influence the latter exerted over him made it possible to avoid many bloody conflicts that would have greatly affected the politics of that region.



(1) -The overshadowing is done by the Adepts when They want to act in the world through individuals who have an important role in society. They stand close to that person and with his consent inspires completely his mind and even his psyche making it more powerful and more creative. The Great Mongol was not the Master Morya but he enjoyed a period of his constant inspiration. (On this subject see the article by A. Moryason) Other influential figures in the world of science and the arts were also overshadowed by Other Adepts to intervene in the world and avoid many disasters in politics or society. Thus, Robert Fludd, Nostradamus, Francis Bacon were overshadowed by He who was known as the Count of St. Germain and later Franz Bardon.



Under the white panach

Henry IV (1553 – 1610) was the good king of the French par excellence. Very humane, he tried to reconcile many things in France which was torn by wars and wars of religion. With the Edict of Nantes he succeeded in calming the murderous intentions of Catholics and Protestants. But Henry had in mind the development of a Great Design which his minister Sully supported as well.

The Great Design is defined by the will to unify, in a way, the Kingdoms of Europe in order to end wars and conflicts of interest. But then, this is when his allies asked Henry IV for help (the opportunity was very good to become the leader of an emerging Europe) that he was murdered. What would have happened if Europe was formed at that time according to the specifics of the Great Design devised by the king?

Henry IV

Indeed, a few years earlier, Henri IV was contacted in secret by a prominent member of the Rose Cross (Secret Order to which only the Adepts of the Great Transhimalayan Lodge can belong). We must also say that it was at that time that this Order came into the open through the famous Fama Fraternitatis. There is a lack of Historical documents to indicate who met the King in order to formulate this great European plan.

We know that in the Béarnaise family of Henri IV contacts had already been made for several generations with members of the Rose Cross (not to be confused with the Rosicrucians and the different movements to which they are linked).

Who was the mysterious adviser to the king who sought to assist in the building of Europe? Who was it but a Messenger of the famous Brotherhood of Adepts which we have already mentioned? Henri IV was ready for such reforms, but as always opposing “forces” try to thwart the plans and aids of the “Brothers of the Light.” Henry failed in part because he was murdered before carrying out his project.

Was it the one who will later be known as the Count of Saint Germain who advised the king? Was it one of His disciples? This is quite possible since Saint Germain fulfilled this same European mission in a different way (it was no longer a matter of building Europe but of alleviating some conflicts to come) with Louis XV and Louis XVI, but we know that this last did not listen to the Adept’s valuable advices … What would the world be today if Henry had carried out his plans?

 The aids rejected

Charles XII of Sweden (1682-1718). Many monarchs or important political figures were contacted, as we have seen, by Adepts or Their disciples to prevent some tragedies or problems in the countries in which they operated. Remember that these Beings offer this providential help or advice but do not impose. With few exceptions these warnings were not welcomed. Charles XII was a mighty king and conqueror.

He first attacked the Danes, laid siege to Copenhagen and forced Frederick to sign a peace treaty. Then, after crushing the Poles, he turned against Russia and defeated it in a landslide. After this battle, he ran to attack Augustus, King of Poland, and made himself master of that country.

He was not, however, done with Russia. It was then that he received advice from an Adept who introduced himself by giving him a serious warning about the coming war, asking him not to wage it under penalty of suffering a great delay in the development of his country. The king did not heed this warning. The war took place, the Swedes were crushed, and Charles XII was forced to flee to the Ottoman Empire, where he remained for five years.

When he returned things were not the same. His greatness had declined and when he died his country was no longer one of the major powers. The face of Europe would certainly have changed if pride had not taken over Wisdom and if expert advice had been followed.


“After me the deluge”

King Louis XV welcomed with friendship the Adept who at that time took the name of Count of Saint Germain. In the annals of the history of France it is the only time a Member of the White Brotherhood manifested so openly without hiding his membership. An extensive literature (See: The Count of Saint Germain by Paul Chacornac) reported on the Work done by Saint Germain (photo below) in the king’s court.

It is known that Louis XV took the counsels of the Count and that led at least to some important reforms in France. But Louis XV was also subjected to the influence of his shadowy minister Maurepas, a conscious member of the Dark Forces, who did everything possible to oust Saint Germain and even attempted to kill him. One should read the many anecdotes about these adventures.abchfgf

The Count did his best to edify the King on the steps to take, but Louis XV, although very open, could not overstep certain boundaries. In any case, thanks to the Adept the chaos was averted despite the virulent attacks from the Black Lodges and Maurepas. However, Louis XV was warned that these reforms ought to be intensified; but he knew that the monarchy was doomed. That is why one day he uttered a misunderstood phrase that made all its sense in the light of what Saint Germain revealed to him: “After me the deluge”.

The History of France had its finest and most dramatic pages written during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Again the Count of Saint Germain (Master of wisdom) intervened several times by the monarchs, knowing that France was about to enter the Terror. The Countess of Adémar, lady in waiting of the queen, wrote in her diary that the Count tried repeatedly to convince Marie Antoinette.

Whether his messages were sent via letters or delivered in arranged meetings, they all stressed that the country’s royal family and several other people were in danger. However, these admonitions were considered offensive and in bad faith. The count was persecuted and escaped several deadly plots. More than once he risked the Bastille. The refusal of the queen resulted in the tragedy that we know.


The bee and the eagle

Napoleon Bonaparte had a dazzling destiny. Since his days as a young officer he was very interested in the secret societies and was a member of several. In his well-researched book,” The Red Man of the Tuileries”, Pierre Christian speaks of the contacts Bonaparte had with Bonaventure Guyon, enigmatic man, astrologer and an accomplished magician. Very young, the man who would stamp world history with his name was aware of his fabulous destiny, revealed by this enigmatic man in Christian’s book. Photo 8 retraite de russie

The emperor’s reign was marked by esoteric symbolism, if only because of his attachment to the symbols of the bee and the eagle. He, as well, received repeated advice from certain persons mandated by the Great White Brotherhood.

He did not heed the warnings given to him and even leaned towards the sinister side of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria, of which the execrable Adam Weishaupt was the grand master.

At the end of his career, the emperor refused to listen to the advices of the Adepts altogether and violated an important clause by invading Russia. The Retreat from Russia was a deplorable carnage that only the talent of Victor Hugo tinged with poetic glory.

The creation of the United States of America

In her Letters, Helena Roerich, wife of the painter and Initiate Nicholas K. Roerich, refers to a curious personage who assiduously saw George Washington. She tells us:

We also know that Washington was advised by a mysterious professor, whose counsel he applied in life with historic success. At the time of America’s Declaration of Independence, when preparing to separate from England, a remarkable incident took place. During the proceedings at this historic convention there came a moment of hesitation and uncertainty. Suddenly, a tall stranger stepped out from amid the Assembly and delivered a fiery speech, which he ended with the words “Let America be free!” The enthusiasm of the Assembly was kindled, and the Declaration of Independence was signed. But when the delegates sought to greet the person who had helped them to make the great decision, the stranger had disappeared. Thus, through the whole of history is seen the Helping Hand of the Great Community of Light.
(See: Letter 11-1935)

Franz Bardon

In the light of these small parts of hidden history, a message is given. The Masters of Wisdom, the Adepts who have reached the highest stage of human evolution (Bardon’s photo-opposite) in our present cycle of expression, are Present among us, although Silent, in the face of the problems humanity has to endure. In this sense the human beings, trapped in the confinement of their ego, are never alone, and always These Custodians of Knowledge are present to prevent that too great a disaster befall the Earth.

We tend to speak nowadays of the Dark Forces on our planet, the Illuminati, since the sensational draws crowds. This power, indeed, is very real but that does not mean that the Masters of Wisdom are overwhelmed by these harmful currents. Rather, they keep watch because, as stated above, Man’s free will, the individual and planetary karmas must hold sway and the Adepts of the Brotherhood of the Light in no way can and wish to intervene and go against the Law.

They are here to guide us and open the way. They have manifested many times in our history in order to “limit the damage”. They are still here today and their disciples work with them in order to offer an alternative of evolution in consciousness to all beings of goodwill when the time comes.