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The Vril and the Mysteries of the Living Fire

The Vril and the mysteries of the living fire. 2012-10-23

At the end of the Nineteenth century, the English novelist and philosopher Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton — author, amongst other works, of “Zanoni” and “The last days of Pompei” — published a science-fiction novel in 1871 entitled “ The coming race or “The race to come” in which he portrayed subterranean beings using the power of the vril, and the mysteries of the living fire considered as an extraordinary and infinite force. The author, a member of the “ Societas Rosicruciana” in Anglia, an order of theurgic vocation, was well informed about this force, the real name of which is known only to Initiates.


He used it as the framework for his book after receiving the translation of an ancient fragment that tells of the might of this universal energy, to which he gave the fictitious name “vril”surrended of mysteries. What was it? Who can have access to its infinite power? These were the questions the Nazis attempted to answer in the 1920s by creating the Vril Gesselschaft(Vril Society), or the luminous Lodge(antechamber of the Thule order) with the aim of enslaving the human race. What was, hence, this extraordinary Force that mobilized so many researchers and esotericists of all ilks?

After securing the translation of the secret manuscript, Bulwer-lytton reflected scientifically on the Force he had named vril, which hide the mysteries of the living fire. He noted that Faraday had sensed this energy when he said “ it has long been my opinion, almost a conviction, shared, I believe, by so many lovers of natural knowledge, that the various forms by which the forces of nature manifest spring from a common source.

In other words, they have such a direct correlation, they so naturally depend on each other that they are, so to speak, transferable from one to the other, and they possess, in these actions, an equal power”’ We will come back later to one aspect of the definition of the vril in the Hermetic Doctrine. However, it is a fact that Bulwer-Lytton’s book inspired many a curious, and not of the least.


Photo 1 E. Bulwer-Lytton par H.W Pickersgill
The Vril and the mysteries of the living fire – E.Bulwer-Lytton by Pickersgill – He created the name “Vril”



John W. Keely

Around the same time, John E.W.Kelly made a discovery that would shake the scientific world. In 1873, he unveiled the discovery of a new physical force in his studio at the headquarters of the Keely Motor Company, 1420 North Twentieth Street in Philadelphia, USA. He presented his shareholders with his first vibrational generator in the form of a pulsating chamber from which a stream of water flows into one-way check valves and actuated the whole device. He then perfected his apparatus and claimed that he could extract air from a chamber to obtain a perfect vacuum, thereby producing a dynamic energy capable of moving tons of matter.

In his scientific discourse he compared the subtlety of the atmosphere with that of the etheric waves he produced with his invented method of breaking air molecules with vibrations. His presentation of this discovery came astoundingly close to what the Hermetic Doctrine claims on these Universal Forces. This <<new force>> that he discovered was practically miraculous in the eyes of the public, but quite natural to those who have knowledge of certain Universal Energies. Keely’s motor opened the door to some troubling possibilities.



Ernst John W. Keely in his laboratory
Ernst John W. Keely in his laboratory

After he shared his discovery with his shareholders, they placed a spy in his workshop in order to discover his secret. Six months of intense surveillance enabled the observer to tell Keely that he had come to understand the process. Together, they had just completed the development of the motor. The inventor manipulated the handle used to provide or stop power to the machine. The man asked to operate the motor himself. He turned the handle but nothing happened.

“Let me show you “said Keely to the man. He accepted and the motor immediately began moving. The man repeated his attempt, to no avail. Keely then put his hand on his shoulder and asked him to try once more. He did, and the outcome was the instantaneous production of current. What had happened?

Why was Keely the only one able to manipulate this extraordinary force? In fact, he had, by his genius, opened the door on the science of tomorrow, and he was the only one able to use it in his works. This force was the vril of Bulwer-Lytton, of incredible might and capable of producing the best and the worst, an almost miraculous force to the profane.

At the time when Keely did his experiments a person asked Blavatsky what she thought of this unusual scientist. The old lady answered: “It had been stated that the inventor of the “Self-Motor” was what is called, in the jargon of the Kabalists, a “natural-born magician.”

That he was and would remain unconscious of the full range of his powers, and would work out merely those which he had found out and ascertained in his own nature firstly, because, attributing them to a wrong source, he could never give them full sway; and secondly, because it was beyond his power to pass to others that which was a capacity inherent in his special nature. Hence the whole secret could not be made over permanently to anyone for practical purposes or use.

Individuals born with such a capacity are not very rare. That they are not heard of more frequently is due to the fact that they live and die, in almost every case, in utter ignorance of being possessed of abnormal powers at all. Mr. Keely possesses powers which are called “abnormal” just because they happen in our day to be as little known as blood circulation was before Harvey’s time. Blood existed, and it behaved as it does at present in the first man born from woman; and so does that principle in man which can control and guide etheric vibratory force.

At any rate it exists in all those mortals whose inner selves are primordially connected, by reason of their direct descent, with that group of Dhyan Chohans who are called “the first-born of Ether.” Mankind, psychically considered, is divided into various groups, each of which is connected with one of the Dhyanic groups that first formed psychic man; (see paragraphs I, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the Commentary to Stanza VII.)

Mr. Keely being greatly favored in this respect, and moreover, besides his psychic temperament, being intellectually a genius in mechanics, may thus achieve most wonderful results. He has achieved some already more than any mortal man, not initiated into the final mysteries, has achieved in this age up to the present day. What he has done is certainly quite sufficient “to demolish with the hammer of Science the idols of Science” the idols of matter with the feet of clay” (Excerpt from The Secret Doctrine, vol. 2)

Keely had thus succeeded, for the first time in long ages, in channeling the vril force through a mechanical device. He alone (and others if they had his capabilities) could do so and have access to a phenomenal power as he himself did. He died in November 1898. His papers were given to the Scottish Earl Van Rosen and since 1912 they have been retained in Stockholm. For some time no one ever heard of Keely.


Nicholas Tesla

Yet a few years later another scientist rekindled the idea of free energy and passed the first part of the twentieth century challenging many scientific theories, causing himself some painful trials in the process. It was of course Nicholas Tesla (1856-1943), an engineer of Serbian descent who settled in the United States in 1884. Tesla was responsible for many inventions. We owe to him the alternating current, the radio, the fluorescent tube, etc…He was the Nobel Prize Winner of Physics with several Doctorates awarded by universities around the world, and he mastered eight languages.Nicholas Tesla

Thanks to his work we discovered television, robotics and even the Internet. He filed over 700 patents, most of which were later wrongly ascribed to Thomas Edison. Tesla was a genius with impressive intelligence. He was gifted with an extraordinary power of visualization.

With remarkable precision he could picture his inventions on his mental screen, to the extent that he was able to show how the energy could move. Solutions to problems would come to him accurately in his dreams. He was interested in Vedantic philosophy and Buddhism, and he had a synthesizing view of the Universe coupled with a spiritual approach to Science.

This man, too far ahead of his time, was pretty familiar with Keely’s motor but knew that certain experiments and discoveries could not be given to all governments without incurring the risk of seeing them used for selfish ends and the enslavement of peoples.

That is why he always refused to divulge certain information to only a single state so as not to create supremacy in armaments. His work on the alternating current was extraordinary. He closely touched on the vril force without ever mastering it. Not possessing the same “natural powers” as Keely did he put all his intelligence at the service of pure science.

From all that came extraordinary discoveries of unmatched potential for the time, so much so that most of the scientific world turned against him and branded him a lunatic. But Tesla, beneath his provocative stance, tried to get things moving and tried to offer the world some new means for more sharing and benefitting all mankind.

That is why he worked on the production of an unlimited energy, based on the Schumann resonance, and capable of meeting the needs of every individual. Unfortunately he could not achieve his goals because of the many obstacles that the big financial companies cast on his path. Tesla died in poverty and oblivion in a hotel room in New York. He was a genius who later had some of his discoveries deviated to sustain darker purposes. He gave some of his works to various governments around the globe and he is said to be the unintended father of the HAARP project…He did not work directly with the vril but very closely touched upon these various energies that are part of the Fire of the Universe. We will return to that later.

Nicholas Tesla in his laboratory
Nicholas Tesla in his laboratory – Did he recovered the Vril?

It was during that time that some very focused groups became particularly interested in this fantastic energy. Hitler, at the request of the Thule society, put his engineers to work on the military applications that propelled vehicles (in the shape flying saucers) and armaments, powered by the power of the vril, could have. The society bearing the same name became involved in the practices of a Tibetan group that followed Hitler throughout the course of the war, the Bonpos, as shadowy as true Buddhism is luminous.

It was through their intermediary that the members of the order were able to receive the teachings of the Left-Hand path in the deep recesses of Tibet, so much it is true that the tenebrae always find home near the light, as is especially the case with this Great Himalayan center. It is through these Tibetan henchmen that the Order of the shadow sought with fierce intent the coveted vril force. Fortunately they could not reach their mark for the Masters of Wisdom , once again, thwarted their evil plans.


Flying saucer built by nazi
Flying saucer named “vril 6” built by Nazis during the third reich



 The Vril and the mysteries of the living fire

Even nowadays many people wonder about this extraordinary Force of infinite power that remains so mysterious. The vril is an energy directly related to what Tradition calls Fohat, the essence of cosmic electricity, the astral or primordial light, the incessantly formative and destructive power, the driving universal life force. Of this force we only perceive some weak effects in our world, although it exists in the septuple constitution of the human being.

But when this energy is channeled through an individual it becomes an infinite power which can become dreadful depending on how we use it. The knowledge of the septanary forces on each plane of the evolution of a human being holds the key to the unfolding of impressive abilities. For this reason, the planetary Hierarchy ensures the concealment of certain knowledge judged too dangerous in the present state of our evolution.

These energies, these Fires, should be viewed as particularly mighty entities stemming from the Primordial Source. Fohat acts upon the cosmic forces, human and earthly, which exert their influence on all planes. In our earthly dimension, its influence is felt through the active magnetic force that we know. On the spiritual plane it presides over the formation of all things, from the creation of a stellar world to that of a simple flower.

It is the agent that carries out what Nature and the Divine Thought have planned for each thing. It is the “Word made flesh”, the driving force of Universal Life. In another aspect Fohat is the Solar Energy, the vital electric fluid. These energies are matter at a very subtle level, one that our consciousness and evolution cannot apprehend.

Photo 6

It is behind – as rightly said by H.P. Blavatsky –all the manifestations that we call light, heat, sound, cohesion, etc…, it is the “spirit” of ELECTRICITY, which is the life of the universe (…) In fact, each world has its Fohat which is omnipresent in its own sphere of action. But there are as many Fohats as there are worlds, and each varies in power and degree of manifestation. The individual Fohats form a universal and collective Fohat….

This primordial energy is manifest on the seven planes of the being and one can recognize in himself this electric force in the nervous system of the human body, but this is a very subltle expression of this power which, if known and mastered, would do wonders. The vril is thus one of the manifestations of these Energies at the origin of all that exists. We find the vril in what the hemetic Doctrine calls the Seven Brothers of Fohat and therefore the Seven manifestations of Electricity as a fundamental principle.

These energies are known for the most. The most documented is St. Elmo’s fire that sailors know very well when it manifests as a crackling fire atop the mast of ships. Some swathes of history relegate to the rank of fables and myths the manifestations of these Fires, these Brothers of Fohat who – as previously stated– are some entities beyond imagination.

The Fire of Zoroaster and his mysteries is one of those expressions, so are the brilliant sparks around the caps of the Dioscuri, the Caduceus of Mercury, the “lighted lamp” of Abraham, the burning bush of Moses(this “That presence of fire that does not consume”), the column of fire that arose before Pharaoh’s armies, the sacred Fire that descended upon the Sechkinah in the tents of the Israelites, and also the tongues of fire of the Pentecost that came upon the apostles and manifested the Fire of consciousness. It is this unity of the Brothers of Fohat that also gives the expression of the vril.

Indian Fresco showing vimanas
Indian Fresco showing vimanas

 In the Vishnu Purana, in the Astra-Vidya and the Ramayana, the force was used for it was known and manipulated. It is said that it was cast high from an Agni ratha (fiery flying ship) upon an army of 100, 000 men and elephants that were reduced to dust. There is also mention of Kapila “whose gaze turned the sixty thousand sons of King Sagara into a heap of ashes”.

These works speak of a period of the famous Atlantean conflict. Yet, it is on that same Atlantis of before the conflict that one could freely use the vril without any bellicose or selfish spirit. They called it the water of Ptah and even the Atlantean children played with this extraordinary Force.

If Keely had been allowed to use it properly he could have decimated an army in a few seconds. This knowledge could, if it were available, lead to the most carefully kept secrets. Fortunately, Keely never found the principle that would allow the use of such a device without the conscious or unconscious intervention of the will of a person, otherwise what disasters would we face?

However, (was he aware?) he succeeded in achieving great results on a personal level because his motor worked with his intrinsic “powers”. The Hierarchy that presides over the evolution of the planet will never allow the use of the fifth and sixth planes of the astral and etheric Force for personal and selfish ends, for it is in these dimensions that the vril can be manipulated. Until man evolves in consciousness these doors will remain shut.

If such a force were known to all, humanity would face the gravest of dangers. A human being, using the vril without scruples, could destroy and entire army with his own will, or do worse. Once again, only consciousness can allow humanity to rise to the ranks of gods and discover the wonders the universe is ready to offer.

As long as human beings will degrade their brothers and nature in general, until altruism is understood in its very essence, as long as beings will suffer because of other beings, until hatred and violence are drowned in the torrent of history, as long as Man will not see self as a divine spark bound to other sparks of consciousness, then the Force glimpsed in Keely’s motor will remain silent for long millennia.