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The giants and the origin of mankind, could be the title of an archeological book. In 2005 the Russian newspaper Pravda announced that Prof. Ernst Muldashev had discovered some giant graves that would contain human skeletons of impressive size in Syria. This information could not be verified since Prof. Muldashev did not get permission to excavate. We do not know if he had since furthered his research, but this obviously has rekindled the debate on the origin of mankind and the existence of giants on Earth. Was there a race of intelligent and advanced Titans in the remote past?


Science is changing

Science is unequivocal on the subject: no, there were no civilized giants on Earth in ancient times, intelligent and evolved men appeared very recently in the history of the world! Darwin, Cuvier, Wallace and other paleontologists have won over all the beliefs, myths and religions, hence brushing aside whole swathes of the world’s history, having as reference scientific discoveries that are branded “ineluctable”. It is a fact that Science has helped humanity make great strides and whatever the field considered the facts are undeniable.

Yet, we forget to note that science itself is changing and what was true yesterday is not necessarily so today. All domains are affected by this unwritten history, paleontology, archeology, astronomy, medicine … We all have noticed that scientific facts of yesterday are put aside after being challenged by today’s researchers. This is what makes Science progress and that is a good thing. But now, without resorting to philosophical courts, it is clear that some “too innovative” scholars must wage a long struggle to wrest recognition from their peers for their unusual discoveries.

Moreover, if any of them ventures to change the order of the long-established structures then voices rise from the temple of science to refute the new knowledge. Thus, over the centuries and even today, many facts have been veiled because they are too unsettling or because they do not fit the reasoning mould of the Academy.

This picture is an example of hoax travelling through the net
This picture is an example of hoax travelling through the net


Paleontology is still in its infancy. At an ever fast pace new leads come to refute the old, and they move back the origin of Man more and more. Toumai seems to be the most ancient of our ancestors, but until when? Tomorrow, with a random discovery, who will it be? Can we really believe this theory of primitive and simian beings as our ancestors? Science, although very honorable, is a dogma that replaced that which prevailed at the time of the Inquisition with the Papacy: “outside the Church there is no salvation!” they used to say.


Today it is science that prevails because it upholds the dogma of matter and out of the sacrosanct science there is no room for bold but founded hypotheses that could have made things progress. All in all this is still significant in that this method acts as a safeguard against misguided minds sinking in the unfathomable depths of nonsense.


The giants and the origin of mankind

We know that since ancient times many peoples have made strange discoveries of traces of life and objects buried in the ground. It is not a matter here of including findings that have been assigned, for lack of scientific knowledge, some grotesque origins. Whether in ancient or present texts there are stories the honesty of which cannot be doubted, and they mention discoveries of giant bones that have been attributed to humans.

It turns out that often, by ignorance, what was formerly ascribed to humans happened to be dinosaur bones. That is why, and in good faith, many people could have been mistaken in the past before such gigantic piles of bones. However numerous were their mistakes, there were also revelations from enlightened men whose word cannot be doubted before remains that were absolutely stunning.

Here is a non exhaustive list taken from old texts that yields some troubling facts:

Solinus, in Polyhistor, claimed that during the War of Crete after the overflow of a river they found the bones of a man of 16.7 m in height, according to the report by Lieutenant Fraccus.


Pliny wrote in his Natural History, Book 7 chap. 6, that in Crete, after the collapse of a hill during an earthquake, they also uncovered the remains of a man of 22m in height that were believed to be those of the giant Orion.


Philostratus said that after the collapse of a cliff on the banks of the river Orontes they discovered the burial chamber of the Ethiopain Ariadne, of 14m in height. And a in a cave in Mount Sigeum they also found a skeleton of 10,71 m .


Fesellus affirmed that in 1516 John Tranciforte, Earl of the village of Mazarino, had his field dug and found a grave containing the corpse of a giant of almost 9.7 m. He also said that in Mellitus between Siracusa and Leontini they found a grave with numerous bones of giants. In 1547, in the same region of the territory of Palermo, in a mountain that was dug for saltpeter, they uncovered remains of a giant of 8.7m.


Phlegon said that the Carthaginians discovered two chests holding human bones of giants in a cave. He also said that near “Litres”, in Egypt, there is a place where they discovered giants as tall as those found in Sicily. (De Reb Mirabilis).


Tertullian when he wanted to prove the resurrection mentioned the skeletons of giants that were in the fields at that time. (De resurreccion carnis).


Suetonius spoke of Giants bones discovered in the island of Capri.


Plutarch reported that Sertorius, being in Mauritania, opened the sepulcher of Antaeus and therein found a skeleton of 34.15 m.


Antonius Pagafeta said that in the Strait of Magellan there were men of prodigious stature.
Sigilbert reported that in 1171, in England, an inundation caused the resurfacing of the remains of a giant measuring 16 m in height.


Fulgiesus, in chap. 6 Book 1, wrote that during the reign of Charles VII, in the hills of Vivarais, near Valencia, they discovered a sepulcher containing the remains of a giant measuring 9, 71 m. Coleius Rhodiginus said that near the same city during the reign of Louis XI they unearthed a giant of 5.84 m.


In 1505 in Rouen (France), they found the skeleton of a gigantic “knight” whose skull contained a bushel of wheat and whose tibia reached the men of the time at the hip (he would measure 3.30 m).


In Germany, in 1594, in the region of Greifswald they had tombs of giants scraped off and repolished . Therein, stonemasons found skeletons of 3.63m, 5 and 28m long with hives by their side.


Father Pegues revealed in his book The Volcanoes of Greece that:
In the vicinity of volcanoes in the island Thera, giants with enormous skulls were discovered, buried under colossal stones, the erection of which would require the use of titanic forces.


Cieza de Leon, the first European explorer of the fantastic city of Tiahuanaco heard from his guide: Tiahuanaco was built in one night by unknown giants who came from a distant world.


Independently, all peoples speak of similar discoveries.

The Pantagonians

The most impressive description of “contemporary giants” is found in the book Magellan’s Voyage around the World. Indeed, Magellan and his crew discovered a strange and tall people near Tierra del Fuego, the last survivors of a certainly very old civilization. Their description alleged that these giants measured over 3 meters in height. Later, Magellan named the people Pantagons and the country Pantagonia. Here is a selected piece recounting their encounter:

The pantagonians giants

Having continued their navigation south, they came upon a land inhabited by very wild people of prodigious stature. These giants made a terrible noise like the mooing of oxen. Despite their enormous size, they were so agile that no Spaniard could match them in a race. Sailors then pushed a little farther south, which they believed uninhabited. But one savage from the surrounding area came to visit. He looked strong, vigorous, and was dancing and singing along the way.

Having arrived at the shores, he stopped and poured dust over his head. The men descended from the ship, went to him and brought him on board. He was so tall that the head of an average-sized man of Magellan’s crew reached him at the waist and he was big in proportion.

Magellan gave food and drink to the giant who became very happy, until he looked at his face in a mirror that was gifted to him among other trifles. He flinched backwards with fright and overturned two men close to him. He got along so well with the Spaniards that they soon found themselves in the company of several of these giants…


Can we deny all these chronicles of times past? Should we take these historians for fools or liars? Certainly not since History still refers to them today. Plutarch and Pliny are references in the field and they knew, as would a child today, that we do not put animal bones in a sepulcher, but those of a human being. Who were these giants of the past with heights as much as: 3. 6m – 5. 2m – 9m – 16m – 22m or 34 m?



In the light of ancient texts

Why, at all times, have the civilizations insisted on these races of giants that lived upon the planet in time immemorial? Unfortunately, if archaeologists could have examined these ancient tombs and human bones they would have found nothing from these past eras that would shed greater light on our origins.

But at the time those findings engendered fright and they hurriedly made them disappear, mainly because of a lack of interest or to avoid attracting bad influences. That is how some valuable treasures disappeared, as recently disappeared (for other reasons) these remnants of Atlantis: the Bamiyan statues!



The Ramayana and the Puranas

The Gibborim or the giants of the Bible are in fact the Rakshasas of the Hindus, and both represent the Atlanteans before the submersion of the continent. These fabled Rakshasas presented in the Ramayana and the Puranas are the famed giants who fought Ram, with some joining him thanks to Hanuman, the giant with simian facies (which corresponds to their appearance at that time). The Hermetic Doctrine teaches us that some of these ancient races had faces recalling the physiognomy of the statues of Easter Island, last, still visible vestiges of the Lemuro-Atlanteans.

Fresco showing the battle between Rakshasas and monkeys - Ankor-Vat
Fresco showing the battle between Rakshasas and monkeys – Ankor-Vat



According to Eusebius, the Babylonian priests claimed that Babylon was founded by those who escaped the Deluge: they were giants; they built the tower mentioned in history. These giants, sons of God, received a complete instruction on secret things and taught the priests afterwards. They turn their temples into the depositories of the knowledge they were imbued of.

There is much to say about the transmission of knowledge in Mesopotamia. Many authors, in all sincerity, are engaged in bold surmises on these giant founders of Mesopotamian history. Some even rushed into dubious theories that are far from what the Hermetic Doctrine teaches us.

Gilgamesh and the lion
Gilgamesh and the lion



The Bible

Particularly in Genesis, the Bible presents these extraordinary giants of the first ages. Whether they be named Anaquims, Gibborims, Emims, Nephilims or Rephaims , these gigantic beings that dot the texts of the Old Testament are not fables invented by the commentators. The mistake which consists in considering them as such stems from the fact that the authors of Genesis, who reported on the events of the past, have judged it fit to insert them into the decor of their time, thereby a certain anachronism.


They really existed, says the Hermetic Doctrine, in very ancient times, and were part of what is usually common to call: The Lemurian race the first ages which, over millennia of evolution, metamorphosed through its fusion with the Atlantean race. They are also represented by the famous Titans in the poems of Homer and Hesiod, and the Cyclopes, of whom one, Polyphemus, had trouble with Odysseus and his sailors. Moses spoke of Og, a king whose bed was more than 5m long.

The Edda

The Völuspá, text of the Seeress, from the Edda of the Norse or the Icelandics, says:

I remember the giants
Born at the dawn of time,
They, who a very long time ago,
Gave me life.
Nine worlds I remember,
Nine vast expanses,
And the glorious Tree of the World
Still buried in the Earth.
(Translated from the compilation and translation made by Snorri Sturluson)

Here again, it is about these giants of the first ages, the same as those portrayed in the Bible or even the sacred texts of India. The War of the Aesir with the giants of the frost is famous and illustrates this fantastic era of a forgotten history. But on closer examination, a researcher may well weave a logical Ariadne’s thread through all these ancient texts and read the same story, and with each new reading find new details that complete the whole.


The Popol-Vuh

The Popol Vuh tells us that a race of Giants populated the world during the Second Sun. According to the Mayan Holy Book when the light and the Sun rose in the East there appeared the deformed Giants who became masters of the Earth. Before the world began, Ixmucané, the mother of the gods, gathered her five children, the Giants of the Earth, The Master Artisans of the Day and the Night and Kukulkan, the plumed serpent, to accomplish the creation of the Earth, plants and animals. But when it came to that of man the difficulties began. Ixmucané wanted him fashioned in clay, by the Giants…

These are the same giants portrayed in the Popol-Vuh who were at the origin of the building of huge cities like Tihuanaco in Bolivia, Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco and Marcahuasi in Peru. They are still those who shaped the famous Toltec statues in Mexico during the last days of Atlantis etc…. And these countries in South America have not finished unveiling all their secrets on these lost civilizations.


Painting of Boris Vallejo
Painting of Boris Vallejo – The giant




The history of Egypt as we know it is tardy, and although the Egyptologists are convinced that this civilization only goes back 4500 years the Hermetic Doctrine speaks of a more ancient Egypt, heiress of the Altantean tradition after the cataclysm that sank the last island of the continent. At that time the Atlantean survivors who mingled with the Egyptians were giants for other civilizations.

Their size was imposing (3.5 or 4m) despite the decrease due to evolution. Amongst them were the divine kings of whom Egypt as we know it had retained only a vague memory. Diodorus of Sicily said that at the time of Isis men were very tall and were called giants by the Greeks.

Obviously, other texts and ancient codices address in a more precise fashion the origin of mankind and the giant builders and creators. An article like this would not be sufficient to exhaust the entire subject. It is also worth noting that in all places there are gigantic burial sites, dolmens or menhirs: France, England, Peru, India, Sweden, Spain, Africa, Palestine, Sardinia, Algeria, Russia, Bolivia etc…

If all peoples thus speak of giants as mythical creatures who lived on Earth before the Flood, it is obvious that they could not have invented those very precise stories which tell of a titanic battle that resulted in the extinction of their race. Moreover, they were more often called sons of God or sons of the Gods, their powers were immense and their strength colossal.

Who were these giants of origin? To what do they correspond in the history of mankind? Why has not science ever looked into this era ignored by the evolution of species so dear to Darwin? It is on these questions that we will try to shed some light in the next article:

The giants and the origin of mankind Part II: The Discoveries