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The giants and the origin of mankind. In the islands of South-East New Guinea natives are still erecting huge monoliths in the memory of their giant ancestors who, they say, lived on earth a very long time ago. A question arises when discussing the hypothesis of the existence of giants living upon the earth in the distant past: Is there evidence? Some mythological texts, legends, stories told by writers of the past and the sacred texts recount that giants did live on our planet in the dawn of time (see previous article: The Giants and the origin of Mankind :The History). If this is the case, when did these fabled and extraordinary beings live? Can one still find any traces of their existence?


The Qumrâm Version

Before looking into the modern exploration which offers the opportunity to make discoveries that would shock the scientific world, it is certainly pertinent to present a book often overlooked since its discovery and poorly understood: The Book of Giants. This document is an apocryphal text, probably inspired from the Book of Enoch, which was discovered in the caves of Qumrân.

Written in Aramaic it probably dates back to the second century A.D. and is now better known thanks to the Manicheans of Turfan in China. It tells us of ancient battles of giants in an antediluvian era. Here are some selected passages from the Qumrân Version translated by J.T. Milik:

IQ23 Frag 9,14,15:
1 – […] they knew the secrets of […]
2 – […] sin was great on the earth […]
3 – […] and they killed many […]
4 – […] they begot giants […]

4Q531 Frag 2:
1 – […] they defiled themselves […]
2 – They begot giants and the Nephilim and […]
3 – They proceeded, and behold, the whole world was corrupted…
4 – In the blood and by the hand of […]
5 – Giants, which was not enough for them and […]
6-They sought to devour several […]
7 – […]
8 – […] the Nephilim attacked him.

Many texts and myths of the world tell the same story. Giants engendered originally by entities from another cycle of evolution (see article: From the Moon to the Earth) corrupted their generation as well as the different races living on earth. This corruption and degeneration of the human nature occurred twice. The first, in a very remote time, several hundred million years ago, happened by a kind of natural aberration; and the second took place during the Lemurian cycle, tens of millions of years ago.

This is reported in the Hermetic Teachings in a precise manner and this is what can also be observed after studying many ancient texts to which I have referred in other articles on this site. I will try in a future work to present with more details and in a chronological fashion this extraordinary history of the origins of Man, basing myself, as always, on the Hermetic Teachings, the fundamental viaticum to discover Man in his individual and universal structure. But now, let us turn to contemporary discoveries by researchers that will allow us to impose new questions about the evolution of man on science.


The discoveries

In the late nineteen fifties, during the construction of a road in the South-East of Turkey, many tombs of giants were brought to light. A Turkish engineer discovered gigantic human bones including a femur of 1, 20m for a total size of an individual measuring over 5m. Joe Taylor, at Jack Wagner’s request, took a sculpted replica of this bone as a model to calculate and draw the corresponding human body, next to which he poses on the picture. This gives an idea of ​​the size of the giant.

Photo : J. Taylor © Museum Mont Blanco
Photo : J. Taylor © Museum Mont Blanco

In various parts of the vast Australian continent, an Australian researcher, Rex Gilroy, discovered some giant human or hominid (for not being scientifically proven) bones along with a tooth that would have belonged to a being measuring about 3.5 m. These findings led him to formulate a very interesting theory on an old Australian civilization, Uru, peopled by giants, to which refer some old aboriginal legends.

The researcher’s work gives some very interesting perspectives in the the extent that the Australian continent, little known as it is, was a small part of what the Hermetic Doctrine named Lemuria, a continent upon which lived gigantic beings.

A discovery for the less amazing upset the preconceived ideas about the origin of man, when in 1968, near Antelope Springs Utah (USA), a fossil amateur, William J. Meister, found a boulder which he broke with the intent of discovering some hypothetical fossil. How great was his surprise when inside the broken stone he saw the imprint of a human sandal in which was embedded a trilobite (fossil from the Paleozoic era)!

The sandal imprint itself would be an element more than unusual since a fossil of that kind is almost “non-existent” in the eyes of science; but the most incredible is that the tribolite mollusk from the Cambrian period dates back 500 million years! The question that springs to mind is: did man live on earth at that time? The facts are there and scientists, perplexed by this discovery, will not dare to speak.



Human footprint and trilobite - Antelope Springs).
Human footprint and trilobite – Antelope Springs).
Fossilized giant footprint - ©Museum Mont Blanco)
Fossilized giant footprint – ©Museum Mont Blanco)


But this kind of discovery is not unique. A few years earlier Dr. Clifford Burdick discovered near Glen Rose, Texas, some Human footprints from the Cretaceous, that is, a period over 100 million years ago. These findings disturb and challenge all evolutionary theories of modern science because this type of footprints leads us to conclude that Man was a contemporary of the dinosaurs and therefore the myth of the founding giants of the origin finds here its full justification.



To support this theory which places man at the time of the dinosaurs we need other evidences. One of these was found in the research of Mr. Burdick who, still in Glen Rose, made a curious discovery. In the bed of a dry river he found dinausor footprints alongside those of a human dating from that same period (Cretaceous).

What to think of these discoveries? Was man, beyond all probability, a contemporary of the large saurians? The fossilized tracks are really disturbing and no plausible theory, to this date, has come to refute these conclusions. An amateur archaeologist, Alvis Delk, discovered a unique footprint in the year 2000.

Still in Glen Rose Park, Texas, he saw a surprising fossilization on the ground. At the height of his surprise he noticed that it was a human trace mounting that of a Cretaceous dinosaur.



The giants and the origin of mankind Photo© Alvis Delk

These footprints were the object of several very advanced scientific analyses that in no way refuted neither the authenticity nor the nature of the fossil which is now in possession of the Creation Museum of Glen Rose, Texas. We invite you to discover the film they made to demonstrate the reality of the phenomenon. Unfortunately, this film is of poor recording quality. Watch this video



When men paints dinosaurs

For anthropologists, these excavations do not include any scientific fact and are quickly discarded, so imposing is the confusion. For them, man was never a contemporary of the dinosaurs that lived in the Mesozoic era, that is, from 251 to 65.5 million years ago. Yet, these fossil footprints are there to puzzle us and challenge many academic certainties. For the Hermetic Doctrine, large saurians were indeed the contemporaries of man in that distant time. We will return to that later…

In October and November 1924 a scientific expedition, under the supervision of Samuel Hubbard (curator at the Oakland Museum of Archaeology) and Charles W. Gilmore, (curator of paleontology at the National Museum of the United States), was organized in Havasupai Canyon in northern Arizona to search for traces of prehistoric men. They discovered wall paintings of animals and amongst them, to their amazement, a dinosaur of the diplodocus family.

A troubling question was imposed on them: how is it possible that a man could draw a dinosaur on a rock? This obviously goes against all accepted scientific theories. On the other hand, it was a man or a group of men who did the mural painting depicting a dinosaur. But to draw it of course one had to know the shape of the animal, therefore one had to see and observe it! Here was tangible proof, given the authenticity of the drawing, that man had indeed lived in the time of the dinosaurs, or at least those were men who had a memory of them.



But this is not the only enigma here implied. Natural Bridges National Monument is a desert area in southern Utah near White River Canyon. On the rock walls one can distinguish different paintings of various animals. But one of them is more than unusual because next to the portrayal of a man was a brontosaurus, an animal that happened to live in the Mesozoic era, a time when man did not exist according to scientific dogma. How could a man draw on the rock an animal that was not supposed to exist in his time?


© Brontosaure Natural Bridges National Monument -
© Brontosaure Natural Bridges National Monument –


Also in Utah, where they are definitely many petroglyphs, one can discover in Black Dragon Wash an extraordinary rock drawing showing a pterodactyl (giant flying reptile) contemporary of the big saurians. Once again, the question is not without a major concern for the obvious anachronism: how is this drawing possible?


Ptérodactyle © L.B
Ptérodactyle © L.B


On a Cambodian temple dating from the tenth century we find the schematic sculpture of a monster well-known to paleontologists, the Stegosaurus, large saurian recognizable by its dorsal plates. How is it that artists of that time were able to shape such an animal? Scholars had no knowledge of the monsters from the Mesozoic era in the tenth century.

To the extent that the animal represented is a stegosaurus this corroborates some old Asian chronicles that mention these antediluvian animals, of which Charles Gould, a nineteenth century writer, spoke in his remarkable book  Mythical monsters. In this book there is not only the tale of ancient facts reported in Chinese texts, but also the description of monsters living alongside men in the very distant past.


Representation of an animal looking like a stegosaurus - Cambodia temple 10th century A.D)
Representation of an animal looking like a stegosaurus – Cambodia temple 10th century A.D)


To conclude on the subject, I cannot avoid mentioning the famous discovery made in 1966 by Dr. Cabrera Arquea, a physician in the city of Ica in Peru. A modest farmer of his acquaintance, a native of Ocucaje, discovered by chance a cave concealing hundreds of stones with carvings illustrating scenes for the less amazing. All these black stones have spectacular petroglyphs of scenes that would fill picture books of an undatable time.

Here we see men watching a comet through a telescope, there we have surgeons with “Indian” facies carrying out an open heart surgery on a patient with sondes attached, there again some maps of unknown lands. What is most spectacular is undoubtedly the drawings showing dinosaurs with some of them tamed by humans!


Dinosaur attack ©-Museum of Ica
Dinosaur attack ©-Museum of Ica

Many types of dinosaur© Museum of Ica
Many types of dinosaur© Museum of Ica

Man riding a dinosaur-©-Museum of Ica
Man riding a dinosaur-©-Museum of Ica



This overview of representations of prehistoric animals by artists in different places of the world leaves us perplexed. Would the history of the earth be different from that which has been taught for centuries? If Man was a contemporary of dinosaurs, this means that an unknown civilization existed several million years ago. These suppositions, in the light of findings that have just been discussed, leave the door open to unusual hypotheses. What if History as we know it does not correspond to reality?



The giants and the Secret Doctrine

In the work offered on this site, one guideline is followed: to demonstrate the value of the Hermetic doctrine so dear to those who have always watched over the evolution of man, that is, The Masters of Wisdom who, since the dawn of humanity, have spread the Universal Science. Some of Them manifested at different times to impart a special Message to spur new ideas in society.


The largest diffusion of their teachings took place in the late nineteenth century through the “Old Lady”, Helena P. Blavatsky, too often misunderstood and disparaged by unscrupulous beings who derided the magnificent principles she offered her contemporaries via the Theosophical Society.


This last was, at that time, a major vehicle of transmission, which is no longer the case today.
The Masters of Wisdom brought with their teachings some extraordinary details about the race of giants that once inhabited the Earth, and the discoveries that have been mentioned in this article corroborate quite well the theses put forward by these Beings, Custodians of the Primordial Tradition.

According to the Mahatmas (Morya and Koot-Humi), at the dawn of humanity (millions of years ago) giants “as high as the towers” lived on earth. Here is what H.PB said in Isis Unveiled, I. p.153:

The antediluvian ancestors of the present elephant and the lizard were, perhaps, the mammoth and the plesiosaurus; why should not the progenitors of our human race have been the “giants” of the Vedas, the Völuspá and the Book of Genesis? While it is positively absurd to believe the “transformation of species” to have taken place according to some of the more materialistic views of Evolutionists, it is but natural to think that every genus beginning with the mollusks and ending with man, has modified its own primordial and distinctive form.


One may wonder why some human fossils, discovered today, are not gigantic since it is a question of men and animals of tall stature. The explanation is provided by the Hermetic Doctrine. Originally, over the past millions of years, life forms, although similar to ours, were of a more etheric constitution, that is, less dense than those we have today. With the evolution of the earth and the condensation of matter, the more ethereal forms were reduced in their stature. This had the effect of giving fossils of a smaller size than what they were at the time.


These men of immense size and prodigious strength were able to face the gigantic monsters of the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic. They walked the earth for millions of years and manifested in complete human form from the end of the Lemurian days 18 million years ago until the end of the Atlantean era, although their size decreased considerably from their original dimensions.


They are the ones who on the entire surface of the earth erected megalithic structures such as Stonehenge and other huge monuments, of which some traces have remained to this day. They used not only their physical strength but also scientific skills and the power of the sound which they mastered perfectly.

Even structures like the stone of Baalbek in Lebanon, or even the colossal monolith in Australia, the pyramids in Egypt and other countries around the world, are products of these giants of the origin and all the technical prowess they had achieved. I will eventually elaborate more on these subjects in a future work but I do cover this topic in my book (Thoth-Hermes – The Secret Origins of Humanity published by Editions Moryason – France).


Baalbek in Lebanon.
The giants and the origin of mankind – Baalbek in Lebanon.


You can see the similarity between Notez-la-similitude-this Heather menhir and the Bâalbek stone-©-Rex-Gilroy
You can see the similarity between Notez-la-similitude-this Heather menhir and the Bâalbek stone-©-Rex-Gilroy


The Hermetic Teachings tell us that these beings of the past had different social mores than ours, and incineration as a law was practised systematically for each deceased. This perhaps is an explanation that tends to show why it is very difficult today to find traces of past life or even skeletons of these ancient individuals. On the other hand, a response by H.P. Blavatsky on the lack of tangible elements and evidence is also pertinent:
“The Giants of old are all buried under the Oceans, and hundreds of thousands of years of constant friction by water would reduce to dust and pulverize a brazen, far more a human skeleton”. Secret Doctrine II – p.277.


Indeed, it is easy to understand that continents like Lemuria and Atlantis, vanished for millions of years, lie under silt and mud in the abysmal depths. These findings will certainly be the achievements of the archaeologists of the future who, in thousands of years, will make curious discoveries when tectonic plates move on the surface of our planet to allow the emergence of new lands.


Until then we can only rely on specific findings that will gradually piece together the frames of a story that may change the scientific view on human evolution. Much remains to be discovered all over the world, especially in Peru, a land which was the great center of Tradition in the distant past. Many countries still contain traces of the lives of the giants. In The Mahatma Letters Master Koot-Humi said:

Now, as the very existence of the gigantic ancestors of ours is now questioned-though in the Himavats, on the very territory belonging to you, we have a cave full of the skeletons of these giants- and their huge frames when found are invariably regarded as isolated freaks of nature…


This explanation is quite visionary since modern science refuses to accredit the discoveries of which we have spoken throughout this article, hiding the obvious discomfort behind the scientific canon and labeling them as vagaries of nature that it is better to avoid.